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Dryshield Summer Promos

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Dryshield Summer Promos
Believe me, I don’t use this term lightly, but I consider DryShield to be the holy grail of isolation systems. Many of you will be familiar with my guest this week: Brittany Dirico, DryShield’s national manager of sales. But, if you’re reading this and scratching your head, you’re in for a treat.

For those who are new, DryShield is an all-in-one isolation system that outperforms traditional methods like rubber dams or cotton rolls. Sounds simple enough, but I’d be selling DryShield way too short if I didn’t emphasize how much of a game changer it is. Once you start using a product like DryShield, you wanna use it all the time! For starters, its mouthpieces are available in disposable and autoclavable versions, but I highly recommend the latter. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it’s more convenient and saves you money! Plus, DryShield’s hosing accessories and adapter pieces are also autoclavable.

The team recommends you sterilize the autoclavable piece up to 50 times for maximum efficiency. Using this piece saves you over $150 compared to the competition! However, both options serve a purpose. Brittany says the autoclavable DryShield is great for everyday treatments, but some dentists prefer the disposable when it comes to more invasive procedures.

In terms of cleaning between patients, Brittany says “you’re gonna use a class two sterilization wipe, wipe down the exterior, and then run your enzymatic line flush to clear the interior, that’s it.” How simple is that? DryShield is user-friendly from the moment you set it up, too. It installs in seconds and can be easily integrated into any practice. Hook it up to your Hvac system, and you’re ready to go.

Not only is it easy to use, but it makes dentistry easier as a whole. With DryShield, I can work much faster and my job is much more enjoyable. If you don’t take my word for it, just ask my wife and the rest of my staff. After seeing how effective my DryShield is, everyone wanted one! The company’s customer base spans far and wide—it’s not just for GPs! Everyone can use DryShield, from your assistant and your hygienist, to any specialty including pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, periodontology, and more.

DryShield’s fanbase isn’t limited to dentists, either—your patients will also fall in love. As someone who’s had treatments done with DryShield herself, Brittany says “It makes all the difference in the world, even from the patient’s side.” It’s really a win-win. With DryShield, I’m not battling a tongue or a cheek to get to my patients’ teeth. The system isolates the area to give you a clear field free of contamination. As a result, patients never feel like they’re drowning, nor do you run the risk of them swallowing anything. You can count on DryShield to make treatments as quick and comfortable as possible.

DryShield isn’t just about convenience. It serves an important role in limiting aerosols to help keep your staff and other patients healthy (not to mention, your face and hair will be aerosol-free, too. Who doesn’t want that?). If you’re new to DryShield, Brittany says their starter kit has everything you’ll need. You’ll get the full system including the adapter, all the hosing accessories, all the different mouthpiece sizes, and a choice between autoclavable or single-use pieces.

If you want to outfit additional chairs, you can also buy the adapters separately (and use your own hosing if you want!). Anything else you may need is available a la carte. There’s no better time than the present to learn what all the hype is about (it’s hardly taking a chance when DryShield has earned a series of awards and endorsements!). Whether you’re new to DryShield or a longtime fan, you’re gonna want to take advantage of their latest amazing deals, including the Nifty deal!

Now, when you buy one DryShield, you get one free! The same goes for their adapter pieces. As if this weren’t awesome enough, there’s no quantity limits—if you wanna buy five systems, you get five more for free! When you buy a DryShield starter kit, you get an isolation system free. This deal is great for startups and any practices struggling with staffing.

For those who’ve already decked out their chairs: there’s a major deal on mouthpieces waiting for you! When you buy four boxes of mouthpieces (autoclavable or single-use), get one box free! You can mix and match any size. If you have any questions for the DryShield team, they’re a phone call away from walking you through anything you need. Brittany says she can usually show clients anything they need help with virtually!

Brittany and the team love meeting dentists at trade shows. From September 8th through the 10th, you can talk to the DryShield team at CDA North in San Francisco.

To save even more, make sure you reach out to Brittany and ask about the Nifty deal! You won’t wanna miss out on the system doctors swear by.

Learn About:
How long has Brittany been with DryShield?
How did she begin her career within a dental practice?
What kind of additional accessories does DryShield offer?
Hint: they have pieces to help you split a line if you need to!
How can DryShield help prevent the spread of Covid in your practice?
What kind of awards has DryShield won?
Hint: there are many!
Which upcoming trade shows will the DryShield crew be found at?
How flexible is the team when it comes to returns or exchanges?
Hint: very, but it’s rarely necessary!
How can the team help you through the learning curve if you’re new to DryShield?
And more!

Nifty Deal:

  • BOGO systems and adapters

Get the Nifty Deal here:

  • https://store.dryshield.com/?token=OOAJC







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