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Elevate Your Dental Practice With Top-Tier Sensors At Unbeatable Prices With Sean Birney From Masterlink

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Articles, Nifty Blog

Elevate Your Dental Practice With Top-Tier Sensors At Unbeatable Prices With Sean Birney From MasterlinkThis week, I was so excited to sit down with Sean Birney, budding farmer and Vice President of Marketing at Masterlink (or Apex Dental Sensors). Yep, you heard that right: Sean recently moved from Arizona to North Carolina and started a small farm with chickens and plans to get other animals—goats, cows, pigs, you name it. But don’t worry, he’s still going to be the Nifty community’s go-to guys for top-notch dental sensors.

For those who might be new to the Nifty Thrifty Dentists family, Masterlink has been a steadfast contributor of fantastic deals to our community. For over 30 years, Sean and his father have been steering the Masterlink ship side by side and, in the past decade, they’ve honed their focus to become a top source for dental sensors—or, more specifically, the game-changing Apex Dental Sensors.

One of the biggest concerns for dentists when it comes to dental sensors is compatibility with their current imaging software. The good news is that Apex Dental Sensors offer seamless integration with most major dental imaging software, providing dentists with a wide range of options to suit their needs. While there are some limitations with certain imaging systems like Carestream when used with third-party sensors, Apex is leading the charge in compatibility.


Now, let’s talk about what makes Apex Dental Sensors truly exceptional. These sensors, proudly made in Japan, deliver high image quality comparable to major brands such as Dexis and GenX, all while costing typically 50% less. The slim design of the Apex sensors, with plates measuring only 5.3mm and beveled corners, ensures not only top-tier quality but also unparalleled comfort during use.

Worried about accidental sensor breakage? Apex Dental Sensors has you covered with their protection plans. Choose from a low monthly fee with discounted replacements or opt for the unprotected route with a $2,500 replacement cost. Masterlink’s SensorCare Protection Plan extends its coverage to safeguard against defects for up to five sensors per office. For added peace of mind, they offer additional protection plans for accidental damage, including Basic Sensor Care for $495/year (50% off the retail price for replacement sensors) and Sensor Care Plus for $895/year (your first replacement sensor is free).

And here’s where it gets really exciting: the waterproof and dustproof design of Apex Dental Sensors. These sensors are hermetically sealed with an impressive IP67 rating, allowing them to be immersed in disinfecting liquid without a second thought about potential damage. That’s innovation meeting practicality head-on.

Customer support is a priority at Masterlink, and Sean emphasized their commitment to assisting clients directly, whether it’s through phone consultations or internet installations. Swiftly and effectively resolving any client issues is at the core of their mission, ensuring that your satisfaction is always the top priority.

Ready to elevate your dental practice with top-tier sensors at unbeatable prices? Reach out to Sean on Facebook, visit his website at https://dentalsensors.com/, and don’t forget about the Nifty deal!

Learn about:

  • How does Masterlink sell dental sensors at half the price of the “big dogs” in the industry without compromising quality?
  • Why does Masterlink refuse to sell through dealers (e.g. Henry Schein, Patterson, etc.)? In other words, why do Sean and his team sell directly to doctors with no “middleman” in between?
    • Hint: The “middlemen” like to mark up the prices, sometimes for as much as thousands of dollars or more!
  • What major dental imaging software does Masterlink work with?
    • Hint: Basically, all of them!
  • How do Apex Dental Sensors compare to other dental sensors?
    • Hint: They’re thinner and more powerful than their counterparts, but the price point is the “big, big” difference!
  • What’s the worst damage Sean has ever seen when replacing a client’s sensor for Masterlink’s SensorCare Protection Plan?
    • Hint: He’s received sensors that look like they’ve been put through a blender!
  • How durable are Dental Apex Sensors?
    • Hint: Any dental sensor will be fragile (there’s only a handful of manufacturers worldwide, and so they’re all made of similar materials)—Sean’s advice is to treat it like you’d treat your iPhone.
  • And more!

Nifty Deal:

  • Apex Size #1: $2,995
  • Apex Size #2: $3,495
  • Plus an additional 5% off for Nifty Members
Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo