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Exclusive Nifty Deal On All Docsites Website with Ali Soufi

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Exclusive Nifty Deal On All Docsites Website with Ali Soufi

These days, there are so many ways to build your online presence—though not all methods are equal. Whether your focus is on initiating social media marketing campaigns or collecting raving reviews from patients, there’s no denying that the internet is by and large the best place to generate and convert leads. But taking measures to spice up your online presence won’t matter if you don’t have a great landing page for your potential customers to land on.

That’s why every business needs a website that shines. You could create a website yourself—through WordPress, Wix, etc.—but it can be really hard to launch a DIY website that stands a chance against a website from a competitor like a big-budget DSO. That’s why practice owners often delegate the work to website design professionals, but it’s rarely cheap. Between fees for the creation itself and the incessant nickel-and-diming for support services, putting together a good website and maintaining it can amount to a pretty penny. Worse, a lot of those professional website design services will make you sign a binding contract that can cost you the rights to your own website if you try to leave.

I can’t stress it enough—a poorly designed website can make or break an online ad campaign. Think about it: if someone clicks on one of your ads only to land on a website that overwhelms, underwhelms, or confuses them, they’re as good as a lost lead.

If you have a website that you’re not proud of, or if you have no website at all, let my good friend Ali light a fire under you. This week, I sat down with him to talk about The Doc Sites, his website creation and website marketing service. The Doc Sites has been in the business of creating stellar medical and dental websites for over 12 years, and they’ve dedicated their expertise to these sole categories since 2015. They’ve put together easy-to-use, affordable, and secure packages that any dental practice can quickly plug their products and services into.

The Doc Sites offers three comprehensive design tiers to fit your budget with no hidden costs.  If you want any changes made to your website, they’ll deliver results—on average—within oneExclusive Nifty Deal On All Docsites Website with Ali Soufi business day. And, unlike some unsavory website creation companies, you get to keep your website if you decide to part ways with The Doc Sites. There’s no need for headaches over a messy, long-term contract. They have a super easy, one-page agreement that won’t take up your valuable time.

An effective website keeps customers informed, showcases an active presence, and impresses prospects and leads. Whether you decide to go so far as running a blog, podcast, or a resources page on your website is up to you. Personally, I recommend it. It’s the key to building your brand and becoming a resourceful source of wisdom for dental professionals and patients alike. But I digress. Any business—dental practice or not—needs a website that is both sleek and professional for patients to easily navigate. Otherwise, you’re doing yourself a big disservice.


So, what are you waiting for!? You can contact Ali by email at [email protected]. Give your website the shine it deserves!



Learn about:
● Is your current website up to par?
● Do you really need your website to be custom-designed?
● How secure is your website? Is your website vulnerable to getting hacked?
● How important is it to have POSITIVE reviews on your website?
● Why go to a company that specializes in creating dental websites instead of going to a company well-versed in creating a broader range of websites?
● The problems with a DIY approach when creating your website.
● Why you SHOULDN’T accept a one-time payment for any website creation services, and what does Ali have against signing long-term contracts?
● Why you SHOULDN’T ever let a company own your domain name.
● How much does it cost to hire The Doc Sites? What do their models look like?
● And more!


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