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Finding the Right Fit w/Outsourcing

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Finding the Right Fit w/Outsourcing: Culture- Respect, Accuracy, Communication, Humility, Integrity, Consistency


Finding the Right Fit w/Outsourcing

Across the globe, the Covid-19 pandemic hit every dental practice—small or large. Nowadays, as we try to bounce back from turbulent times, we’re experiencing another setback: the “Great Resignation.”

If you haven’t experienced it firsthand, you may have heard of the Great Resignation in social media groups, podcasts, or elsewhere online. The dental industry isn’t the only one with staffing issues, but many doctors are growing frustrated as their team members leave and never come back. Or, those who stick around become overworked and stressed out.

That’s why I was pumped to have Medina Scott on this week’s episode of the Nifty Thrifty podcast. Medina specializes in providing a means of outsourcing to help any practice owner overcome the labor shortage.

Finding the Right Fit w/Outsourcing

For over 24 years, Medina has dedicated her career to empowering and inspiring others to become leaders in their field. As GetVWire’s CEO, she is on a mission to help dentists build, launch, and scale their businesses to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you run a small practice, large group practice, or a big-budget DSO; Medina provides an extra set of hands for your front office to help with scheduling, insurance verification, billing, etc.—you name it, they can do it.

Much of Medina’s executive team at GetVWire come from fields outside of dentistry, meaning they can combine a variety of great ideas to help solve the issues that we’re facing.

Personally, my team loves the customer service offered by GetVWire. This comes as no surprise—the co-founder of the company picked up useful skills while working in the hospitality industry at hotels. Medina thinks the whole team has been influenced by these skills, and GetVWire can help practice owners improve the small details so they too can evolve their customer service to five-star standards.

You can turn to many other companies for outsourcing that perform similar tasks for similar needs, such as billing, appointment scheduling, treatment planning, phone support, more. But GetVWire is a cut above the rest: Their team goes above and beyond to actually train your staff. You can hire anybody and depend on Medina and her team to mold them into shape while outsourcing almost any front office needs to Medina’s team. All you need to do is talk to the patient face-to-face while GetVWire takes care of everything behind the scenes.

Don’t leave your front desk team and staff members overworked, or they may leave your practice in the dust. GetVWire will support your teams by boosting their morale as they lessen their load.


Learn About:

  • How do you get started with GetVWire?
  • What does GetVWire believe in?
  • What do Medina and her team do, exactly?
  • How can GetVWire help you and your team receive training, appointment scheduling, treatment planning, phone support, more?
  • What are some of the issues DDS are having with outsourcing and how is GetVWire addressing those issues?
  • How should you go about setting expectations for a successful onboarding process?
  • What types of practice management software are the folks over at GetVWire familiar with?
  • Hint: They work with all practice management software—you name it, they’re compatible with it!
  • Why does Medina love working with smaller practices specifically?
  • And more!


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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo