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Firegang: Dental Marketing Focused on Revenue

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Nifty Blog



Have you ever wished that there was a reliable marketing agency exclusively designed for dentistry? Not only does this exist, but Firegang Dental Marketing has adapted to the demands of dentists and have progressed from ranking and lead generation into straight-forward revenue generation. 

The founder and CEO of Firegang Adam Zilko works with dentists to develop data-driven campaign strategies that attract new, high-quality patients to your practice. Unlike some traditional dental marketing companies that focus on numbers that may not necessarily pay off, Firegang works with dentists from initial patient attraction all the way through physically putting the patients in your chairs. 

By pointing their services toward revenue generation, Adam Zilko and his team employ a more comprehensive dental marketing approach. To fill in the gaps that traditional one-trick-pony marketing companies leave behind, Firegang acts like a partner with dentists, removing roadblocks that may affect strategy implementation. 

For example, when looking for areas to improve their work and discovering any marketing weaknesses, Firegang avoids the blame game. By studying your front desk employee’s conversion rates during office calls, Firegang can pinpoint mistakes and specific growth opportunities. Instead of blaming the front office staff for reducing their dental marketing strategy’s effectiveness, Adam Zilko and his team coach your team members so that conversion rates improve for everyone. 

As we talked, Adam Zilko disclosed how Firegang is far from a cookie-cutter dental marketing agency. Firegang’s approach is data-driven and customized to meet each dentists’ particular needs based on their current standing and future goals. Firegang offers packages for start-up dentists, those moving past recent setbacks, and dentists aiming to dominate their market with exponential growth. Each package works to improve rankings, lead generation numbers, conversion rates, your return on investment, and overall revenue generation. 

If you have any doubts about marketing agencies due to previous experiences that left you feeling disappointed, it may be a relief to see how different Firegang is from your traditional dental marketing service. Adam Zilko and his team don’t just promise improved reputation or Google ranking services. They don’t promise only a huge amount of leads. They promise something much larger than all of that: results. 

Say goodbye to your cousin Joe who “is good in marketing,” and hello to a reliable partner that will hold your hand every step of that way toward increased revenue generation. While you’re at it, check out the Nifty Thrifty deal below put together by Adam Zilko just for our group! Even with its deals, Firegang always goes the extra mile.


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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo