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Graphic Design…The Nifty Thrifty Way

If you own your own Dental practice, chances are you have dabbled in graphic design.  Whether its creating a Facebook post or marketing flyer for your practice, we have all tried to create something that engages our patients.  We generally have two choices here.  Outsource our work to a graphic design firm and pay an arm and a leg.  Or do it ourselves and create either a substandard design piece or waste a lot of time doing it.

Today, I am going to discuss three websites that have made my graphic designs easier to create in a nifty, thrifty way.

So, the first graphic design tool I want to discuss is Canva.  This is probably one of the most helpful and easy to use graphic design programs out in the market.  You want to know what else is Graphic Design…The Nifty Thrifty Waygreat about Canva?  It’s FREE!







So with Canva, you can create graphic design pieces ranging from Facebook posts to maketing flyers/postcards.

As you can see from the image down below, you can select from a lot of features to help you create your design such as:

  • Text
  • Background
  • Grids
  • Frames
  • Shapes
  • Lines
  • Illustrations
  • Free stock photos (awesome value is given here)

Graphic Design…The Nifty Thrifty Way








Here’s the link to Canva: https://www.canva.com/



The next tool I want to discuss is PixabayGraphic Design…The Nifty Thrifty Way

One of the key elements to creating an engaging marketing piece is the types of stock photos you use.  Since we are all Dental professionals here, we like photos of people smiling and a relaxing dental atmosphere.  With Pixabay, you can search their extensive database to get high quality photos for FREE.  Yes, it’s also free.  The one caveat is that they have ads for other royalty free photo sites that are not free.  So, if you like a sponsored photo on their website, then prepare to pay a small fee.

Graphic Design…The Nifty Thrifty Way


As you can see from the screenshot above, Pixabay works like a normal search engine.  My example shows the results for “dental.”  Since their database of photos is somewhat limited, you may need to expand your photo search to something beyond “dental” and “dentists.”  My suggestions would do a search for “smile” or “smiling” to get more photos you can use for your Dental Practice.


For those who are a little lazier, like myself, outsourcing your graphic design is a great way to get your design done.  Fiverr has been one of the best and cheapest ways for my practice to hire freelancers for our design projects.

Graphic Design…The Nifty Thrifty Way


For a starting price of five dollars, you can have anything from graphic design to voice-overs created for your office.  The key feature here is the starting price of five dollars.  Most of the gigs posted on Fiverr start at $5 but you can definitely spend more than that amount.  Add-ons such as faster delivery and additional features can push your cost beyond the five-dollar mark.



Graphic Design…The Nifty Thrifty Way


As you can see from the above screenshot, there are many categories to choose from and you can get more than just graphic design created.  I have used voice-overs for my phone system and custom songs for my “on-hold” phone messages.


I wanted to acknowledge Dr. Anissa Holmes for introducing me to Canva.  If you haven’t heard of her, she is the founder of the “Delivering WOW” brand and creator of the #1 Facebook training course for Dentists – FB Mastery.  I have personally taken her course and it was one of the best investments I have made.  She has actually given the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group an exclusive discount to this course.  Click on the link below to receive an exclusive $100 off discount for her course.


As always, you can always e-mail us with any questions or comments.

Till next time,


Dr. Glenn Vo



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Glenn Vo
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