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Nifty Thrifty Helps Its Own

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Nifty Blog | 0 comments


If you’ve been a member of the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Community for a while, you’ll know that we’re all about giving back. And, when one of our own is faced with their toughest opponent yet, you can bet that we come together to offer our help and support in any way that we can.

Dr. Jason Hui was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a blood cancer that affects over 74,200 people. The news was devastating and was especially hard for him because he learned of his diagnosis on the day before his son Oliver was born.

As you can imagine, Jason, his wife and their entire family’s world has been turned upside down. Since his diagnosis, Jason has been undergoing chemotherapy. If you know Jason, you’ll know that he is a down to earth, caring and kind-hearted person. He deserves our help and support. He deserves to live.

Please take some time out of your day to watch this video to find out what you can do help Jason and his family. Let’s come together to help Dr. Jason Hui beat cancer!

I’ve created a GoFundMe page dedicated to helping Jason and his family. Whether that’s helping them with medical costs or overhead expenses at his practice, even the smallest donation can be a huge difference.

Please click this link to GoFundMe dedicated to Jason’s cause: https://www.gofundme.com/help-dr-jason-hui-beat-non-hodgkin-lymphoma

Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo


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