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Hiring the Best Candidate by Conducting an Effective Hiring Interview

by | Apr 4, 2021 | Articles, Tips and Tricks

Hiring the Best Candidate by Conducting an Effective Hiring Interview

Your business is only as good as the employees you hire to help you run it. If you can’t count on your employees, then your customers can’t count on you. So when it comes time to hire, you want to make sure you make the right hiring decisions. But with so many different potential hires to choose from, how do you make sure you are choosing the right one? Here’s how to conduct the best hiring interview to ensure that you select the best candidate for the job.


Tip #1: Avoid Typical Interview Questions

By the time we’ve had our first job or two, we all know how to prepare for an interview. 

“What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?”

“What qualities make you a good fit for the position?”

“What’s the biggest mistake you made on a job, and how did you correct it?”

These are all great questions. But here’s the problem – they’re too common and your interviewees have already generated pre-planned answers to them. This means their answers might not be 100% genuine, and are made to impress. And anyone can generate “good” answers when they come prepared.

You want to make sure your candidates are genuine in all their responses. So throw them off their game a little by asking unconventional questions.

“What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?”

“What fascinates you about life?”

“If you are offered two jobs, how will you decide which one to choose?”

“How do you intend to go above and beyond in this position if offered the job?”

The more unconventional your questions, the less rehearsed and more genuine answers you will get. 


Tip #2: Consider a more relaxed interview

The whole goal of an interview is to get to know someone better and understand how they will fit in with your company and your team. But let’s be realistic, interviews are high stress situations. Rarely is anyone ever 100% themselves during an interview. Rather, we’re all trying to put on our “best face” and we’re all very nervous. 

So if you really want to get to know someone better, generate a more relaxed environment. Rather than drilling them with questions right away, try creating some genuine conversation. Look for similarities that create a connection that can help to put your candidate at ease. You can also offer them water, coffee, or even snacks throughout the interview to help them relax. The more at ease they are, the more likely you are to see their real personality. 


Hiring the Best Candidate by Conducting an Effective Hiring InterviewTip #3: Consider a group interview

Group interviews aren’t always the most popular option, but they do give you the opportunity to see how each candidate interacts with other people. As a dental professional, it’s important that everyone on your team works well with others and is polite and friendly with clients. 

Group interviews allow you to see candidates in real world team situations. 

Do they interact well with others?
Are they shy or outgoing?

Are they polite?

Are they friendly with others?


These are all things that you can learn from a group interview that you might not get out of a one-on-one interview. 

If you don’t want to do a group interview, you might consider giving each candidate a tour of the office. By introducing them to your employees, you can get a better understanding of how they interact with others and how they will fit into your team. 


Tip #4: Trust your Instincts

Dismissing your instincts can lead to hiring the wrong person. In most cases, your instincts will not lead you astray. If you really connect with someone and feel like they are the right fit, they probably are. 

Finally, remember that the person with the most experience is not always the best person for the job. So many times, we place too much emphasis on work history and experience. While education and experience are important, the value that an employee will bring to their position should be of top priority. And sometimes the best fit in the dental industry is the friendly student right out of school – not the 10-year professional who can’t play well with others. 


B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS