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Boost Your Capabilities and Your Bottom Line

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

How Certified Pre-Owned Imaging Technologies Boost Your Capabilities and Your Bottom Line.


Boost Your Capabilities and Your Bottom Line

You know me. I’m all about reputation. I keep things classy. I only drive certified pre-owned (mwahaha, tune in if you want funny).

More importantly, I’m always gung-ho about saving my followers a quick buck and some stomach lining. That’s why I only mess with the best of the best, and that mentality is half the reason I’ve built this community: To surround myself with folks like you. But the primary reason for building this community was to help dental professionals meet people like Nate Hudson.

Does his name ring a bell? If it does, you’ll know Nate is a real stand-up dude who cares about our community. And that’s why he wants to let the Nifty Thrifty community in on some sweet deals for iTero and Medit Scanners.

For those who aren’t so savvy on the dudes over at Renew Digital, they’re a team of masterminds who are leaders in providing certified pre-owned panoramic X-ray and cone beam equipment to dentists and dental specialists across the United States. They offer a low, one-price guarantee that includes installation, training, and a comprehensive warranty.

Wait up, though. First things first: Nate deserves a formal introduction. He’s not just a force to be reckoned with within the dental bargain-hunting community, after all.

Nate started his career in 2011 for Henry Schein Dental. He had the great fortune of becoming Rookie of the Year and swiftly rose to the number one rep in the country for the world’s largest dental distributor.


Boost Your Capabilities and Your Bottom Line


Nate was in the business of focusing on practice philosophies to assist doctors in growing their take-home pay with the assistance of digital workflow efficiencies. That’s when, a few years later, he became a Regional Sales Manager for Bank of America Practice Solutions as the No. 1 dental startup lending institution in the United States.

Later, Nate went on to join the most elite force in CPO dental equipment under Renew Digital. He’s still continuing down the path of office automation, and unique and cost-effective solutions while assisting doctors in growing their billable procedure portfolio.

Anyway, for this week’s episode, there was another screen share presentation for the ages. Nate went into great detail as he walked us through a sleek website. During his tour, he was sure to provide some turnkey solutions in the realms of installation training, remote support, parts & labor, 3D imaging, schematics, electrical data backing, computer specs, and so much more.

Above all else, Nate wants every Nifty Thrifty member to know he has your back. Renew Digital might be known for their supply of quality used equipment, but they also go above and beyond in caring for their valued clients by honoring those who honor them through perks like loyalty discounts.

Sound interesting? Then visit renewdigital.com/nifty-thrifty-dentists or call 888-246-5611 today.

Learn about:

  • What makes Renew Digital a cut above the rest—especially for startups—according to Glenn himself?
  • What’s a common problem with Intraoral Scanners these days, according to Nate?
  • How can Nate and his folks over at Renew Digital help you to get rid of your monthly fees?
  • What does it take to increase profitability via the intro of CBCT for more efficiency, lower overhead, and broadening of procedure codes?
  • How can Nate offer you a more affordable pathway into digital restorative workflow thanks to the introduction of iTero certified pre-owned program?
  • How can Renew Digital provide a new equipment experience while saving you thousands of dollars that can be dedicated to other practice areas?
  • Other vendors often leave the shipping and installation to you… How does Renew Digital take extra measures to ensure their technologies integrate with your current software?
  • What’s so great about iTero’s “replace not repair” warranty?
  • What does the technology at Renew Digital have to do with Isreal?
    • Hint: Take a deep breath, it’s just a matter of their supply chain.
  • And so much more!

Nifty Deal:

  • $500 off 2D, $1000 off 3D extraoral PLUS $500 of scanners!
Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo