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How to Have Fun While Making Nifty Profits

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

How to Have Fun While Making Nifty Profits

If there is one thing I love more than making nifty profits in my practice, it is having fun while making nifty profits in my practice.

I am all about working smart and hard, having fun, and keeping thrifty. So any day I get to do all three of those things in my practice is a good one. And when those three things come together to help me earn some nifty profits, I get really excited.

Here is how you can use smart marketing, nifty practice policies, and a work hard / play hard mentality to have fun in your practice, too.

How to Have Fun While Making Nifty Profits

Create profit opportunities using proven marketing strategies.

I’ve been working with Driven Dental Implant Marketing to attract dental implant patients to my practice. Driven Dental knows how to regularly attract new implant patient opportunities to practices. I have become close friends with their Founding Partner Elijah Desmond. You may have seen him in the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community. If you have not yet joined, what are you waiting for?

What I love about dental implant marketing is we can earn high fees while performing life-changing dentistry on patients. Elijah and his team use proven strategies to attract dozens of high-revenue opportunities every month. A little while back, Elijah’s team helped me close an $18,000 dental implant case. I was excited about that opportunity, of course, but what happened next made it extra special. 

How to Have Fun While Making Nifty Profits

Use nifty policies to get paid fast.

Dental implants are high-fee procedures, and patients often struggle to afford their treatment. I try to knock down as many barriers as possible so they can move forward. Many practices offer flexible payment plans and other options to help patients afford their care. Those are important and work well.

In addition, I offer a small discount on my fee if patients pay in cash up front. A cash discount helps me get paid quickly, even if patients do not have a pile of cash lying around. Maybe they have an open home equity line of credit. Maybe they have access to a private loan through their bank or take a 401k loan at work. Either way, taking a loan out and paying me cash makes their outstanding debt lower than it would be had they coordinated financing through my office. I get paid faster and they carry less debt. It is a true win-win.

For this patient, the idea of saving approximately $1,000 by paying in cash was too good to pass up, and she handed me a bag full of money.

How to Have Fun While Making Nifty Profits

Work hard but have fun.

You have two options when someone hands you a bag full of cash. You could get serious and run straight to the bank or lock it in a safe. Or, you could have fun with it.


I chose to have fun. I have always wanted to take one of those money photos we see all over the internet. You know the ones where someone fans a bunch of hundred dollar bills out and poses like it is no big deal? Those ones, only because I’m so thrifty by nature, having that much cash at once was a big deal so I could not entirely hide my joy. After sending the picture to Elijah to thank him and Driven Dental Implant Marketing for the $18,000 case, I also shared it with the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community. That started a pretty fun thread about dental implant marketing, cash discounts, and having fun.

How to Have Fun While Making Nifty Profits

Join the fun and make some nifty profits.

There is no reason we cannot have fun while making money and helping patients transform their lives. In fact, that is what Dentistry should be all about. To see my money photo and connect with me and thousands of other dentists having fun and changing lives, join the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community today.


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