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Isolite Users: Switching to Autoclavable Mouthpieces is Simple! by Ascentcare

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Isolite Users: Switching to Autoclavable Mouthpieces is Simple! by Ascentcare


Love your Isolite isolation system but tired of spending money on costly disposable mouthpieces? Now you can make the switch to autoclavable mouthpieces without sacrificing the investment you’ve made in your Isolite equipment. Meet the new, autoclavable VacuLUX mouthpiece, universally designed to fit Isolite’s systems and others! Designed with input from thousands of dentists, the VacuLUX mouthpiece was engineered with Simple-Sterile technology, making for an easy transition from costly disposable to safely sterilizable isolation mouthpieces.

Making the switch from disposable mouthpieces can save your practice thousands each month, making the transition even easier! The VacuLUX autoclavable mouthpiece will last for 50 uses or more, especially when cared for properly. This equates to just 50¢ per use or less! Find out how much money your practice can save with this nifty calculator.


Isolite Users: Switching to Autoclavable Mouthpieces is Simple! by Ascentcare


Made of a proprietary blend of high-temp medical grade silicone, these autoclavable mouthpieces can withstand repeated sterilization via autoclave. Designed with minimal crevices and butterfly flaps for an easy-to-access interior, cleaning and sterilizing for safe reuse is simple*:

  1. Rinse the mouthpiece and gently scrub with soap/water after use.
  2. Place it in your ultrasonic cleaner for 15 minutes
  3. Rinse with water and autoclave in an autoclave pouch for 30 minutes


But cost savings aren’t the only advantage to making the switch to the VacuLUX mouthpiece. Built with an evacuation chamber that will not collapse on itself, the VacuLUX provides consistent suction for a dry field you can rely on. Patients will notice a quieter and more comfortable experience as well.


VacuLUX autoclavable mouthpieces are a great alternative to filling the landfills with costly disposable mouthpieces and can be a practical way to save money at your dental practice. Increase your savings even further with Nifty Deals! Buy 3 packs, get 1 FREE with promo code NIFTYMP at checkout


For more information on VacuLUX autoclavable mouthpieces, and on the complete VacuLUX isolation system, visit www.AscentcareDental.com

*Please refer to the Manufacturer’s user guide for complete sterilization instructions, including temperature recommendations and other tips for getting the most of your autoclavable mouthpieces.

Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo