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Crazy Dental


Crazy Dental is the place you want to go to get the hook up on supplies. 

When overseas mask supply chains began shutting down or no longer shipping to the United States, the nation-wide stock of PPE decreased significantly for everyone. This has created a perfect storm of illegitimate supplies. Crazy Dental, a friend of Nifty Thrifty Dentists and one of my most trusted suppliers, has tracked down reliable gloves, masks, and more despite this global shortage of PPE products. 

Howie Friedman of Crazy Dental has worked hard with his team to stock up on needed items to adapt to their growing audience, including our group, prior to COVID-19. From the beginning, they have been ramped up and ready to go, and as Howie said in your chat, there is no better way for them to listen to our needs than by placing a big healthy order. 

A unique offer that Crazy Dental has launched is the option to ship products directly to your home instead of just your practice. Normally they don’t do this, as FedEx does not appreciate it, but it prevents packages from sitting in a vulnerable state outside of closed practices, being in danger of someone “borrowing” these high-demand supplies. 

Thermometers, face shields, and K-95 masks are selling like hotcakes. Crazy Dental spent time finding legitimate products with the protection that we dentists need to work with the proper PPE. 

There are no bootlegged masks sold by Crazy Dental. Their team has shifted through and vetted countless different manufacturers until they found the most reliable and FDA-approved sources. This process was especially important for sourcing thermometers that were offered by many suppliers but few that were FDA approved. Instead of opting for cheap products, Crazy Dental finds high-quality products that help us play it safe. It took some time to discover the proper supplies and now they are ready to keep helping dentists practice dentistry as usual. 

If you practice dentistry, Crazy Dental has over 30,000 different items in stock including PPE products. Howie encourages you to place a PPE order and also explore what else your practice needs while you’re there, taking advantage of the one-stop-shop nature of Crazy Dental. 

If you aren’t already ordering from Crazy Dental, you’re probably paying too much for your supplies. Us Nifty Thrifty members are allowed an additional discount on top of their transparent prices, which are some of the lowest prices on the market. 

Learn more about:

  • Where to order N-95 marks, gloves, and thermometers 
  • Why sourcing quality products is important 
  • The steps Crazy Dental went through to ensure its PPE is top notch

Nifty Deal

  • Take an extra 10% off with the code PLATINUM10
  • Orders over $1000 also receive a free curing light

Crazy Dental


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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo