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Jonathan Karren/ Mango Voice

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Dental Discounts, Nifty Blog

Mango Voice

Until recently, Mango Voice’s stellar remote phone services haven’t been a topic of conversation. Today, Jonathan Karren and his team at Mango Voice work with dentists to reconnect their patients and staff members through their office phone whether a dentist has staff physically there to answer the phone or not. 

If you have a remote team answering or taking phone calls, a service that allows everyone on your team to stay on the same page from their at-home cell phones or computers is invaluable. Mango Voice is a program that manages phone calls, texts, faxes, and more in one unified place. It directs incoming calls to team members from the comfort of their homes, assigning their personal devices a caller ID that matches your office phone. This way, dentists can maintain professionalism and organization while working away from their offices. 

Mango Voice’s Switchboard is a tool that allows dentists to determine which routes incoming calls take. This means that you can set up multiple back-ups if one of your remote team members does not answer her phone in a particular amount of time. Mango Voice has set it up so that there is no need to seek approval from their team about these regular call route changes, voicemail updates, and more. They put the power in your hands and are always there to help when needed!  

You can also update your call functions on the go with Mango’s newly updated app Mango Voice Mobile. It’s the number one way to call your patients directly from your phone. Once you open the app, just dial a patient’s phone number, and it will show up as if you were calling directly from the office. 

If you want to work from your laptop or desktop, you can use Mango Voice’s softphone feature. This web-based phone thrives on Google Chrome and allows you to make calls directly from your computer. You can transfer calls, put someone on hold, and access many other typical functions. 

You can also text your patients from your business phone number and create groups to manage these texts, allowing team members to see if someone else has already responded to a patient or is if someone else is currently responding. You can reach out to your team member’s through an instant messing system within the platform. 

Answer calls, check your voicemail, send faxes, and get 100% of your work done from home without missing a beat. Check out the deals Mango Voice has rolled out to help us during these unprecedented times.

Nifty Deal:

  • offering remote services for all current users for free for the next 30 days.

Mango Voice


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