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Keep your practice safe from cyber criminals with Brian Ash from Darkhorse Tech.

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Keep your practice safe from cyber criminals with Brian Ash from Darkhorse Tech.

Man oh man, Brian Ash’s journey to becoming the CMO of Darkhorse Tech is the definition of serendipity. He’s been there for three years now—his career has been skyrocketing, to say the least—and it felt like an absolute must to get him on for another episode of the Nifty Thrifty podcast. Brian has been moving up the ladder and is in higher and higher demand with each passing day; who knows how available he’ll be in the near future. The majority of Nifty Thrifty Members will immediately recognize Darkhorse Tech, as they’ve been an awesome partner to our community for some time now. And many Nifty Thrifty members—including yours truly—are already Darkhorse clients. And if you’re not already a client of theirs, then you’re in for a treat. I’m going to be giving you multiple reasons why you need to talk to Brian and become a client of Darkhorse Tech.

First things first, what is Darkhorse Tech all about? They’re a dental-specific IT company (Managed Services Provider) that has been devoted to supporting dental practices for over 10 years. They focus on IT and assisting growth through tech so their clients can focus on their practices and their patients. Darkhorse Tech manages your dental IT services effectively for a flat-rate, affordable monthly fee. They’ll help integrate your systems and support your business with reliable, responsive dental IT services. Darkhorse Tech only works in dental IT, too, meaning they have a plethora of dental-specific IT expertise—it’s what makes them different from the rest.

You might be in the same boat as many practice owners—sophisticated IT might not be in your budget. That’s why Darkhorse Tech will lower the cost for smaller offices and startups. In fact, Darkhorse Tech specializes in startup practices (design, sourcing 3rd parties, project management, pre-installation software access, installation, support, etc.). And if you’re still feeling too frugal for this sort of investment, just think about the cost of getting attacked by cyber criminals and having to pay off ransomware. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and you could potentially save yourself much more money by keeping your practice safe from ransomware.

Also, let’s face it: IT security just isn’t in the wheelhouse for most dentists. Our expertise lies in dentistry, not securing our networks. When the guys over at Darkhouse Tech come to me with some recommendations for my IT security, I like to let them handle it without any questions. I just focus on what I do best and can fully trust that they’re doing what’s in my best interest. Just like I won’t tell Brian how to protect my practice from cyber criminals, he isn’t going to ask me how to perform a crown. I find it much easier to stick in my lane and let him take care of all that stuff.Keep your practice safe from cyber criminals with Brian Ash from Darkhorse Tech.

Brian and his team over at Darkhorse Tech are always happy to chat. He wants you to know that, if you call them, they’re not the type of company to “hound you with sales.” It’s just not their style; they’re part of the Nifty Thrifty community because they want to share their expertise and help us out. If your car has a light blinking on it, don’t you take it to the mechanic? Well, with so much going on in the cybercriminal landscape, the lights have been blinking for a while now.



If your current IT company hasn’t reached out to you and given you an update, then maybe it’s time for you to let Brian and his team take a gander and see if you’re as safe as you ought to be. If you have no idea what’s going on with your IT company, that should definitely be a red flag. In that case, it’s time to reach out to Brian for an IT consultation.

So, reach out to Brian’s team at [email protected] or visit their website to fill out a form at darhorsetech.com/contact. They’ll happily offer a “glimpse under your hood” and see what
they can do for you!



Learn about:
● How are HIPPA regulations becoming more stringent?
● Why is the healthcare sector now the “number one target” for cyber criminals? How can Darkhorse Tech help you protect yourself and secure your networks?
● Why is IT security “serious stuff,” according to Glenn? Why is there “a lot to lose,” and why should you listen to guys like Brian?
● How does Darkhorse Tech proactively monitor your network to make sure anything suspicious or troubling is dealt with in a timely manner?
● How does Darkhorse Tech keep current with what’s going on in the cybercriminals landscape so that they’re never caught on their heels?
● Why is it better to have humans managing your IT security instead of just software doing the job?
● What does the security operations center (SOC) offer in addition to Dark Horse Tech’s other services?
● How does Darkhorse Tech’s SOC offer the human component? What does their process look like between auditing, pinpointing weakness, keeping a constant eye on things, and sending reports?
● Why should you work with Darkhorse Tech when there are cheaper IT services? How are they better than the other guys?
● How can Darkhorse protect your dental practice from ransomware? How much money has Brian seen stolen from ransomware?
● And more!


Nifty Deal:
● 10% off monthly service, 15% off annual agreement





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