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Kill Covid-19 Molecules Today, Tomorrow, and 20+ Days in the Future with GermFree Innovations

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog



In light of the 2020 pandemic, getting our hands on powerful disinfectants has never been more important. Where before, you got whatever disinfectant you had always used or was on sale, now there is a frenzy of buying anything that can destroy COVID-19. Along the way, a plethora of companies have come out with their own brand of disinfectants. What works? What is just marketing magic? Did you know that even the most popular disinfectants are considered toxic? Traditional disinfectants take on microbes with potent chemicals that disinfect, dry up, and disappear. 

As dentists, we are used to cleaning up our areas and adhering to infection control guidelines. But we are also humans. And humans are imperfect. We may wipe a table down, but miss a corner and leave dangerous microbes lingering. Fortunately, the folks at GermFree Innovations have been working to develop a new product line of powerful disinfectants that both families and medical professionals can rely on. 

Having worked with the dental industry since 1994, President of GermFree Innovations Jay Baum is an infection control guru producing some of the highest quality disinfectants on the market. 

According to Jay Baum, common disinfectants come with potentially dangerous exposure risks and negative physical effects on the surfaces being sanitized, such as the yellowing of white plastics. Oftentimes, we deal with wipes and sprays that read “leave the room” after using. Teachers who wipe down students’ desks with disinfectant wipes are always told to wash their hands afterward. 

Unlike common toxic yet high-kill rate chemicals, GermFree Innovations products use a disruptive technology that will eventually displace chemicals due to its low-toxicity, gentleness on plastic and other materials, as well as its extended protection period. 

This water-and-silicone-based formula was discovered 40 years ago, but the lack of funding and awareness slowed its impact. Today, GermFree uses the formula to create a nano-bond on the cleaned surfaces that attracts and immediately destroys any potentially dangerous microbes. 

GermFree Innovation’s standard surface sanitizer continues to kill Covid microbes for up to 20 days after application on stainless steel surfaces. Even after 90 days, there is still a kill-rate above 95%. This means that as you sanitize your office’s surfaces and happen to miss a small area this time, the previously applied disinfectant is still actively working at full capacity for up to 20 days. 

As an added bonus, GermFree hand sanitizer, marketed as Germfree24, is nontoxic and continually kills germs for 24 hours after application on skin. It’s so safe that there is even an extremely popular children’s version on the market. Jay Baum noted that there was a recent article comparing the merits of Purell hand sanitizer and Germfree24 that prized Germfree24 above traditional hand sanitizer in terms of overall effectiveness. 

From travel wipes to medical-grade disinfectants, GermFree Innovations is the best one-stop-shop for nontoxic and extremely effective products. Find out how you can protect your family and team while enjoying a Nifty Thrifty discount below. 


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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo