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Laura Hatch / Front Office Rocks

Laura Hatch / Front Office Rocks

Nearly every day, questions about dealing with front desk activities appear on numerous Facebook groups. Your front desk is often the first contact that a new patient makes with your practice. If you have only one chance to make a new impression, a front desk that is less than enthusiastic and polished will lead to a practice that never excels.

We know how to train and interact with our hygienists, dental assistants, and other team members, but for some reason, people always seem to have issues in working with their front office staff. 

Most doctors weren’t trained in customer relations or how to drum up new customers over a phone call, so we hire someone with lots of secretarial experience and hope they do things right. But what is right for a secretary may not be right be right for a dental office. Your front desk staff is so much more than just being secretaries. 

Because we spend so much money to get our phones to ring, a lot of our success depends on the front desk. To let our phones ring and not answer it, or not strategically work to gain a new client, the whole team can experience a huge loss. 

For new hires, there is no how-to-manual on dealing with cancellations, production schedules, and phone calls… or is there?

While working as a front office staff, Laura Hatch saw that doctors knew what their team should be doing clinically, but relating to what was going on with the front office was foreign to them. 

Because we can all struggle in addressing front desk training, Hatch launched Front Office Rocks. Taking her many years of experience as a front desk staff that resulted in explosive growths with her offices, Laura Hatch took all that she learned and created a program that will transform any front desk to front desk rock stars!

Front Office Rocks is now dentistry’s #1 front office authority. The online program is brimming with over 300 videos on real-life solutions to topics like answering phones and addressing insurance. 

Cancellations and no-shows happen, so it’s important that your team knows how to lower and interact in these situations. Front Office Rocks covers everything from cancellation fees to handing phone rapport in a way that develops customer expectations to prevent future cancellations and rescheduling. 

You can get your team back on track through Front Office Rocks with new hire training, subject-based training, or regular group training.

Enrolling in Front Office Rocks is great, and attending a training event with Laura Hatch is even better! 

Front desk training events are uniquely designed to teach front office staff new skills in a vibrant atmosphere full of music, role-playing, and conversation. For many, the lessons can be applied on the next day of work. 

People love the interactive CE credit option as much as her Front Office Rocks course and book, Step Away from the Drill.  Whatever training modality that works for your staff, she’s got it!

Check out my chat with Laura Hatch of Front Office Rocks to find out how to maximize your front desk teams’ success from start to finish!

As for Laura’s upcoming events, a Nifty Thrifty Deal might be waiting for you…


Find out about:

  • What Front Office Rocks can do for your business

  • How to use your front office staff to drum up more business

  • A new approach to cancelations/rescheduling

  • The importance of the “WHY” in creating a successful office culture

Laura Hatch / Front Office Rocks

Now what about that Nifty Thrifty deal…

Attend one of their specialized events in 2020 that cover front office topics to rock your dental world.

  • $25 off the first attendee
  • Combine that with the early bird discount and it will save $125 off the first attendee registration

Sign up at: https://frontofficerocks.com/Use code: 25NTD2020   


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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