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Level up your practice with the Aerosol Assist

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Level up your practice with the Aerosol Assist

Do you remember the most hectic days of the pandemic? I sure do. Between understanding the state and federal health guidelines, maintaining productivity, and keeping our staff employed, things got crazy for a while.

Dentistry had to go on, though, pandemic or not. We’re used to stressful situations, but this was a whole new world. While we dental professionals might have been busy on the “front lines” of it all, the minds of dentistry were always getting innovative—minds like those of Vigarny A. Arguello Jr. and his best friend Werner Blumenthal.

Do those names sound familiar? If not, they’re the heads behind Aerosol Assist.

Since graduating from BU in 2009, Vigarny has been a practicing dentist. Werner, on the other hand, is a Biomedical Engineer. Together, they’ve provided a solution for dental practices to keep germs from contaminating the air. While PPE is the name of the game—pandemic or not—proper filtration is a must (especially in the midst of new variants cropping up).

If you want to get technical (since we dentists love to learn all about the science behind the scenes), Aerosol Assist was crafted with Computational Fluid Dynamics Optimization (CFD) to enact extraoral aerosol reduction and intraoral fluid removal—the same kind of software that is utilized for ballistics, racecars, etc.

When perfecting the Aerosol Assist, Werner used Splatter-Visualization-Testing with a non-toxic dye to re-enact a dental procedure. He ensured that the splatter remained inside the mouth of the patient, thus suppressing aerosols from populating the air. The buccal plate offers stabilization and comfort to prevent the product from digging into gums. One size fits all—even patients with limited ability to open their mouths due to TMJ issues, pharyngeal or gage reflex, large tori, etc. Aerosol Assist is Ideal for hygiene procedures that lack the help of an assistant, with one kit covering up to six chairs.

Vigarny first contacted Werner about creating this product before the pandemic. Initially, he was frustrated with his throat getting itchier and itchier during treatments. He realized his face shield was always filthy, and quickly understood that aerosols were the culprit. But ever since implementing Aerosol Assist into his own practice, the itch is no longer in the back of Vigarny’s throat. Now he hopes to give other dental professionals in the Nifty Thrifty community the same relief—by offering a discount on his product.


Level up your practice with the Aerosol Assist


An Aerosol Assist can withstand an average of 300 cycles, meaning it costs only 33 cents per use (and even less with our Nifty Thrifty deal!). Vigarny thinks aerosol suppressants will become “common practice” for dental professionals, like wearing gloves.

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Grab the Nifty Deal!!

       40% off Aerosol Assist Kit from MSRP.

  Retail: $499.00

   Already a steal! Good deal; you get 6 and can autoclave each at least 300 times.

   With discount code (for a kit of 6): $299.00





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