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Mastering Direct Mail with Aaron R. Boone

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Mastering Direct Mail with Aaron R. BooneI gotta confess that this week’s guest on the Nifty Thrifty podcast has long had me living vicariously through him. Why? Well, he shares a professional football history with my all-time favorite NFL head coach, Bill Parcells. 

Many of you have likely already guessed who I’m referring to—none other than Aaron R. Boone, CEO of MVP Mailhouse. After all, it’s become a tradition by now to welcome Aaron onto the show right after the football season wraps up—this time of year is always a prime time to send out mailers for your dental practice.

When I initially began collaborating with Aaron, I was solely responsible for managing my direct mail campaigns. However, after sitting down with Aaron and recognizing the significant amount of time I had been investing in designing mailers, handling postage at the post office, and all associated tasks, it became indisputable that engaging Aaron’s services would result in substantial cost savings—my time just wasn’t worth all that! Now, fast forward to the present, and a recent MVP Post-Mailing Audit conducted by Aaron revealed that they have generated over $119,000 in production for my practice.

For those of you who need a refresher on who Aaron is, he once graced the gridiron as a professional football player, but his expertise now lies in the realm of direct mail marketing. With over a decade of experience in the field, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Direct mail marketing may seem antiquated in an era dominated by digital strategies, but Aaron’s insights challenge this perception. In fact, the decline in physical mail volume has paradoxically enhanced the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. With fewer competitors vying for attention in mailboxes, the opening rates and viewership of mailers have surged. One might argue that digital platforms hold the key to attracting new patients, but Aaron’s experiences paint a different picture. While online avenues certainly play a vital role, direct mail remains a potent tool for cultivating patient relationships. By complementing digital efforts with targeted mailers, dental practices can effectively sow the seeds of engagement.

Contrary to popular opinion, success in direct mail marketing hinges on more than just timing; it requires a strategic approach tailored to the nuances of your target audience. Through years of meticulous tracking and analysis, Aaron has identified optimal timeframes for deploying mailers, maximizing their impact on potential patients. Leveraging sophisticated analytics and geographical insights, MVP Mailhouse helps clients identify hotbeds of potential patients. By pinpointing communities ripe for engagement, dental practices can tailor their mailers for maximum impact.

In a world inundated with marketing noise, direct mail stands out as a tangible, personal touchpoint. It bridges the gap between digital outreach and real-world engagement, fostering connections that resonate with prospective patients. As Aaron aptly demonstrates, when deployed strategically, direct mail marketing holds immense potential for dental practices seeking to expand their reach.

So, if you’re ready to explore the untapped potential of direct mail marketing for your dental practice, I urge you to tune in for a live screen share presentation. Visit our special landing page at www.mvpmailhouse.com/ntd, reach out to Aaron via email at [email protected], or give him a call at 801-953-6771. Let MVP Mailhouse guide you on the path to unlocking new opportunities for your practice.

Learn About:

  • Why is now the prime time to send mailers for your dental practice?
    • Hint: It concerns something Aaron calls “seasonality” in direct mail.
  • According to Aaron, what makes direct mail a “unique animal,” and how is the right timing the best way to “track it down”?
  • What makes the first quarter of every year the top responding time in the direct mail game?
    • Hint: Renewed insurance benefits, New Year’s resolutions, and Spring Break all play important roles!
  • What kind of seasonal messaging does MVP Mailhouse offer that is sure to get patients to sit in your chair this Spring?
  • What results can MVP Mailhouse boast thanks to their MVP Post-Mailing Audits?
    • Hint: Recently, MVP Mailhouse racked in more than $119,000 in production for Glenn!
  • What is it about the current digital age that has caused a rapid decrease in the number of direct mailers reaching mailboxes—and why is this good news for those who utilize direct mail?
    • Hint: More people are working from home, there’s no stack of mail to sort through just to see your amazing advertisement, etc.
  • According to Aaron, why is it a myth that direct mail is a “dying trade,” and what are some of the most common misconceptions about the direct mail industry?
  • How do MVP Mailhouse’s “Heat Maps” make their company “different” from the other guys, and how can they help you play to your strengths, save money, and more?
  • How much money did Glenn realize he had been leaving on the table by opting for a do-it-yourself approach with direct mail, and how has this situation significantly improved since he engaged Aaron’s services?
  • And more!

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