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Maverick Dental Burs

Maverick Dental Burs

Ever have that sinking feeling when you deliver a crown for a patient only to find out that it doesn’t fit? Where you run the gamut of reasons in your head of how you are going to tell this patient that he/she will have to return again to seat the crown? You’re frustrated and the patient is not happy. Definitely not a positive patient experience.

One of the most frustrating issues at a dental office is when a crown does not fit. Not only is it lost chair time and productivity, it is frustrating to patients as they have to take off more time from work to go back to the dentist. There are many factors that come into play as to why a crown does not fit but a big factor is the prep a lab receives. Most labs nowadays use digital scanning for their “casts” and any prep issues are magnified multi-fold. If the prep is not clear and well defined, the crown will not be as accurate and that translates to possible fit issues chairside.

A good prep starts with good quality diamonds and that is where Maverick Dental Lab wants to help dentists have the best instruments available for their preps. When you have high quality diamonds that offer the perfect grit, symmetrical design, and proper margin chamfers, then you have great preps that translate to casts or digital impressions that labs can use to make that perfect crown.

Maverick Dental Lab was started by a former Brasseler rep, Joe Fey. Through the years, he was asked by many of his dentists about diamonds, carbides, and other rotary instruments that he’d recommend. Who better to ask than a guy who sold rotary instruments for over a decade? Due to the increasing demand, he started a separate rotary instrument division, Maverick Rotary Instruments, to provide dentists with high quality European engineered rotary instruments at significant savings over comparable brands.

In this video, listen to how important your diamonds are in your preparations. With its lab divison, Maverick Dental Lab, Joe and his technicians are able to see thousands of preps and know what works and how it is important to have good quality diamonds.

With the advent of disposable diamonds, dentists think they are saving money but in the long run, it is costing them more with poor quality preps (due to the irregular cuts of the diamond and other quality issues) and consequently, lost production and most importantly, poor patient experience.

Check out the video below to learn more about Maverick Rotary Instruments. They offer all types of rotary instruments from carbides, diamonds, and lab burs.

And wait, they are also offering a great Nifty Thrifty discount!

20% off their ENTIRE rotary line!

Use code: NIFTYBOD20 to get ever more savings.

What are you waiting for? You get premium quality instruments at a fraction of what the big name manufacturers charge. We are Nifty Thrifty dentists – saving money without ever sacrificing quality! 



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