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Medidenta & Prophy Magic

Medidenta & Prophy Magic

Are you tired of paying ridiculous prices for handpieces and prophy angles? Feeling that your best option is paying for handpieces labeled with a big-name brand? Well, you’re going to enjoy this week’s chat with Sean Ryan of Medidenta and Prophy Magic.

Both of these companies have been in the dental industry for many years with Medidenta serving the dental field for over 75 years. They are established businesses that have stayed in business by offering quality products at wallet friendly prices and taking care of its customers.

Handpieces are the workhorses of what we do in dentistry. We need many of them to get through the day and if any are broken then that can cause a serious disruption in our schedule. But does paying more for a name brand mean that you’re getting a better handpiece? Ever wonder how those lunch and learns and fancy ads are being funded? Listen in and find out…

In this eye-opening chat, Sean talks about handpiece manufacturers and distributors and you won’t look at handpieces the same way again.  Why pay two or three times the price for just a name? Now that isn’t in the spirit of Nifty Thrifty Nation!

He also gives great tips about handpiece maintenance and the most common mistakes he sees which will save you repair costs in the long run.

When it comes to unbelievable Nifty Thrifty deals, Sean is the real deal! In fact, he couldn’t wait and we start off our chat with a home run of a deal!

And of course, Sean doesn’t stop there but gives us not one, not two, but three Nifty Thrifty Deals! This is definitely a chat that you don’t want to miss.

Find out about:

  • Medidenta’s long history in the dental industry.
  • Handpiece manufacturing and how you’re not always getting more for a fancy name.
  • Medidenta and Prophy Magic’s quality line of handpieces.
  • Common mistakes in handpiece lubrication.
  • Deals, deals, and more deals!

Medidenta & Prophy Magic

Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal?

  • Deal #1: Send in your old handpiece, any dental handpiece – working or not, and get 50% off a Medidenta handpiece of comparable quality. Yes, that is 50% off! There is no limit.
  • Deal #2: Bulk special – buy 1 of Medidenta’s Model 2400, their top of the line handpiece, get 3 free! So you get 4 high end handpieces for the price of one.
  • Deal #3: Any of the above specials don’ work for you? Make your own! Get a customized deal to meet your particular needs. Contact Sean and he will work at creating a Nifty Thrifty deal just for you.

You got three bases loaded deals. Now it’s time to hit that grand slam!


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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