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Missed Phone Calls by Callforce

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Missed Phone Calls by Callforce


This week, I was happy to sit down with an old friend for the newest episode of the Nifty Thrifty podcast. You might already be familiar with my guest, Corey Pinegar, the CEO of Callforce, as he’s been a champion to our community for some time now.

Some of you may remember Cory from the early days of Callforce when his business was first gaining traction. He first joined us for a FB Live a little over five years ago but, since then, he’s come back time and time again to thank us for helping Callforce get its footing. Back in those days, Callforce’s services revolved around helping practice owners with overdue patient recall. However, Cory was excited to reveal how they’ve taken steps to rebrand the company and transform into experts in scheduling, retention, and more.

If you’re unfamiliar with Callforce, they can most quickly be described as a dental-specific call center. While Callforce initially specialized in overdue patient re-care, they’ve evolved to offer five total services: overdue patient recall, unscheduled treatment calls, rollover calls during the day as well as missed calls after-hours, managing your live webchat, and insurance verifications.

Nowadays, Callforce has transformed into a booming business; Cory and his team currently serve over 2,500 dental practices throughout the United States and Canada—including me and my own team. My team has specifically fallen in love with the customer service offered by Cory and his team (seriously, take notes!), and I’m certain he’s saved me from getting swamped by the “Great Resignation” like so many practice owners out there.

In fact, if you’re experiencing high turnover thanks to the Great Resignation, you’re definitely going to want to tune into this week’s episode. Callforce might help you to retain your front desk staff and leave them less overwhelmed; Callforce offers a great way to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes and support your existing staff (so you can focus on rebuilding your team).

Again, take note of Cory and his team’s excellent customer service skills. Callforce has a track record of addressing each of my questions and concerns ASAP. But, that said, Cory wants you all to know that he welcomes any criticism of their services or customer service capabilities. He and his team see these critiques as opportunities for improvement, and Cory knows that no product goes without problems—overcoming them is the key to getting better. That way, Cory doesn’t have to guess what he thinks you need—he builds based on how you tell him he can solve your problems.

Missed Phone Calls by Callforce

When it comes to Callforce, you’ll never be left feeling like no one cared—they’re always willing to chat with you. Usually, I find the issues lie in the practice—not Callforce—and that’s okay: it shows practice owners which pivots they need to make based on what Cory sees another practice doing. For example, many of us focus on those fancy marketing campaigns we put in place, but we fail to realize we’re leaving money on the table. After all, up to 30% of missed calls are from existing patients. Cory calls this a “gold mine” for dental practices, and he’s definitely helped me to mine it.

Cory believes in earning his business; he wants you to know that his priority as an entrepreneur is to be a partner who provides value, and he’d never want to sell you on something he can’t deliver. That’s why Cory doesn’t believe in contracts. He wants every one of his clients to earn an ROI through Callforce so that his business has done its job. It’s free to sit down for a call and even get a customized report. Schedule a trial at www.getcallforce.com and don’t forget to check out their Nifty Thrifty Deal.



Learn about:

  • How can Callforce help you with unscheduled TX calls, reactivation of overdue hygiene patients, overflow phone calls, and insurance verification?
  • How has Callforce adapted, evolved, and adjusted? How have they changed since day one?
  • What services does Callforce offer, in addition to recalls?
  • Cory believes there’s “room in the ocean” for everyone, and he has “nothing bad to say” about any of his competitors, but he knows Callforce is “different”—what does he mean by that?
  • What makes Callforce “different?”
  • How does Cory utilize a Fractional CFO to hold his team over at Callforce to exceed a certain standard?
  • How often do team members thank Cory for Callforce? How often do practice owners do that, too?
  • How does Cory “provide the proof” for that monthly fee?
  • What does Cory have to say about a “general sense of distrust within the world of dentistry” between companies and dentists?
  • Cory prides himself on being a “partner” to your success. What does he mean by that?
  • How does Callforce take account of the numbers to leverage their services in the right direction, based on the specific needs of your practice?
  • Cory has the numbers: how are millions of dollars being left on the table at your practice, right now, today?
  • When is the bulk of phone calls coming? How is Callforce set up to provide you with significant value in this time of need? How will this value compound like a snowball over years?
  • What’s the decaying “gold mine”—as Glenn calls it—in every dental practice? And how can Callforce help you mine it before another dental practice does?
  • How can you afford Callforce? What does the pricing look like?
  • And more!


  • No Set-Up
  • $250 Of Free Service
  • Reduced Pricing
Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo