Technology in the healthcare field has progressed so much in the past two decades that now, most dental offices are paperless and/or digital. It has allowed for better patient care and greater efficiency for the dental practice. Why not leverage technology to make your practice stand out?

Patient communication and engagement is such a critical part of a successful dental practice yet it is hard for most practices to dedicate a staff member to handle it. There are forms, copays, collection, follow up calls, marketing and the list goes on and on for your staff to have on their to do list. 

Now what if I told you that there was a software that can automate most of the administrative tasks your staff has to do and at the same time, has the capability to engage your patients in a way that promotes brand loyalty? Interested?

I’d like to introduce you to Modento, the modern way dental offices engage patients!

Modento doesn’t skimp on the core administrative tasks that all offices need to complete. What makes it different is that it automates these tasks so that your staff can focus on other duties. It’s almost like having another staff member!

It is a cloud based software so you can access patient data at any time, anywhere as long as you have internet access. No more worries about a server crashing and all your data is now inaccessible.

If a new patient calls and schedules an appointment, Modento can pull that information from your practice management software and automatically send new patient forms for them to fill out! Your front desk will love that.

You can also pre-record messages and have them sent out with a click of a button. You can customize an unlimited number of messages ranging from welcoming new patients to post-op calls, it is all up to you. So instead of having to call every patient after a major procedure, you can have a voicemail sent to them. Just imagine how much time that saves you while offering the same patient engagement you’re used to.

But one of the most impressive features of Modento is their innovative app. You can set up a loyalty program and reward patients for doing such things as paying for their bill on time. Similar to the loyalty programs many food establishments have, patients can rack up points that can be used for free or discounted items or services. Again, it is all customizable to fit your practice’s needs.

Modento has such great features and too much for me to go into detail here. So I encourage you to watch the video and schedule a demo so you can see everything this program can do for you!

Find out about:

  • How Modento can automate most of your forms
  • Simple payment options and paperless statements
  • Modento’s cloud based program makes patient data accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Customizable voice messages that can be delievered with a click of a button
  • Patient app  to promote patient engagement
  • Setting up your own patient loyalty program
Now what about that Nifty Thrifty deal?
  • Modento is patient communication to the next level!
  • $50 off per month. Regular price is $249/mo. Nifty Thrifty deal is $199/mo.
  • As long as you are a customer and sign up under this deal, this deal does not expire!
  • No contract!
To get this deal, click here.


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