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Molar Media Mount

Molar Media Mount

Today’s modern operatory still has the basics that have been around for decades but a new trend has taken hold and has been a game changer for the overall patient experience. That is the use of patient monitors in the operatories.

We’re not just talking about TVs mounted on the wall, these are dedicated display devices that are used for patient education and entertainment.

I cannot tell you how many times I have had patients rave about their experience in my office because they were able to watch a show during treatment! They tell their friends and family about it and of course, they want to check it out too. It’s been a great referral source.

The beauty of having these displays is that not only are they great discussion topics for patients but that it makes the appointment go by faster for the patient. Many of us juggle seeing restorative patients while doing hygiene checks and then your front desk staff has to talk to you asap and next thing you know, you are away longer than expected. Nothing is worse than coming back to a patient who is unhappy because they sat there for 15-30 mins waiting for you. Then you’re fumbling around making small talk trying to get them to turn that frown upside down!

With movies streaming on a tablet, the patient is not thinking about that at all! How often do you have patients stifling a laugh during treatment? Then during treatment, instead of them staring at you, watching your every move, they are engrossed in their movie. It has been great in terms of patients having a great experience.

So how easy is it to get one of these set up in your operatory? Forget about having to run wires and cables and having big bulky monitors mounted on the ceiling. That is an expensive set up and might not be viable option if you are on a budget.

Take a look at Molar Media Mount. It was designed by a dentist and is the only set up you need to get your patients streaming!

Unlike other tablet mounts, the Molar Media Mount is very lightweight. A mount is useless is if it so heavy that the tablet drops on the patient’s head every time. The Molar Media Mount attaches to your light mount on your dental chair and is adjustable to any view/angle that you need! And if you need to show a patient education videos or even their x-rays, you can just pop that tablet off the mount, show it to the patient and then pop it back on. It’s that easy!

I had an opportunity to talk with Dr. Casey Culberson, the inventor of the Molar Media Mount, and he talks about how it was conceived and what a difference it has made in his practice! Take a look and you’ll see why the Molar Media Mount has exploded in popularity!

Find out about:

  • How the Molar Media Mount was conceived
  • The extensive design work involved to create the perfect mount for dental operatories
  • Patient wow factor
  • How it is a great referral source

Molar Media Mount
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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS