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OnDiem: On-Demand Dental Staffing Platform

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

OnDiem: On-Demand Dental Staffing Platform

About two or three months ago, I was in big trouble. Things were in full swing at my dental practice, but I encountered a big-time staffing issue: patients needed treatment, and I just didn’t have enough hygienists to go around. I needed to sit someone in my hygiene chair, and I needed their help fast. There was no way I would leave my patients uncared for in the realm of periodontal disease. I had heard great things about a staffing agency called OnDiem, which had apparently modernized the temp agency. While I knew they didn’t have much of a presence in Texas at that point, I reached out to see whether anyone there would be able to lend me a hand. 

That’s when I met the Founder and CEO of OnDiem: Joe Fogg. Lo and behold, I now employ two hygienists who Joe helped me to find during those times of chaos. They decided to stick around and become a part of my practice family, still working for me to this day. OnDiem’s name comes from the services they provide. When you think of “on-demand,” you might think of television services. However, OnDiem aims to give an “on-demand” service for dental practices that are looking to hire a hygienist. Instead of technology leveraging humans, OnDiem is all about humans leveraging technology to help their customers—customers like me. 

Joe was able to help me out thanks to how hard he and his team have been working behind the scenes. They’ve been building a significant population to cover the entire country and launching a massive national rollout with so many initiatives. Joe believes that humans have opportunities in “per diem” and “carpe diem.” Over 50% of hygienists are part-time, meaning they have extra days off and more opportunities to earn money. They have an opportunity to go make some extra money and get more exposure to other dental practices, learn more, etc.

OnDiem: On-Demand Dental Staffing Platform

Joe and his team at OnDiem have learned that most private dental practices don’t have HR or a payroll—they outsource that to their CPA. When it comes to working with other temp agencies, it can be a headache and a hassle to go through all the paperwork.

OnDiem built a staffing system that would eliminate stress, facilitate the process, and make it easy to find a temporary hygienist without all of the risk involved in working with alternative temping agencies.

One of the best things about OnDiem is that they don’t charge you a cent until they’ve actually delivered value to your dental practice. They have something called the “OneShift Guarantee,” which means they don’t charge you until one shift has been completed. 

Tune in to watch Joe go through an overview of the two pricing models offered by OnDiem, the savings you can make on their fees, etc. And visit OnDiem’s website at https://ondiem.com/ to initiate a chat with the pop-up box. That’s going to be a person on the other side of it, not a robot!


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