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For patients, what is the most fearful part of a dental procedure? It’s the fear of getting a “shot.”

Countless classes and products have been hawked in search of the painless injection. We’ve all taken courses on how to give painless injections. It is the holy grail of dentistry because if you can offer painless injections, the rewards are incredible. Not only will you be offering a great service to your patients, the word of mouth from such injections would go viral in your community!

I recently had a chance to talk to Dr. Stanley Malamed regarding local anesthesia. I doubt any of us who have graduated in the past two decades hasn’t carried Dr. Malamed’s textbook on local anesthesia and medical emergencies around in dental school. He is the de facto expert on all things related to local anesthesia in dentistry.

One of the topics we discussed is buffered anesthesia. This technique has been around for awhile in the medical field but only in the past decade or so has it been applied to dentistry. It works. The research has shown that buffered anesthesia not only reduces the discomfort of an injection but that it also quickens the onset of the anesthesia. Who doesn’t want that?

The problem with buffered anesthesia is the pH of the sodium bicarbonate that is used to buffer the anesthetic. There is a huge variance between different manufacturers and even different batches. That variation can mean the difference between anesthesia working perfectly to a situation where it is effective but the patient leaves the practice looking like he survived one round in the ring with Mike Tyson. How would that look when your patients walks around town looking like that? Do you think that is a new patient magnet?

This is what makes Onpharma different from any other buffered anesthesia system out there. They manufacture their own sodium bicarbonate so that there is no difference from one cartridge of the solution to another. You get a consistent product every time and that means a consistent results!

In addition, unlike some other systems, you don’t have to change the way you give your anesthesia. Dentists are creatures of habit and with the Onset system, your technique and armamentarium stays the same!

Check out my chat with Dr. Malamed and you’ll see why buffered anesthesia should be a part of your anesthesia protocol!

Find out about:

  • Dr. Malamed’s thoughts about different options for giving painless injections
  • The history of buffering anesthesia in the medical field
  • Why buffering anesthesia works
  • The main problem with buffering anesthesia and how Onpharma addresses this problem 

Now what about that Nifty Thrifty deal? 

  • 10% off the trial kit
  • Trial kit has enough buffering cartridges for 80 injections
  • Includes the mixing pen (a $215 value)
  • Free shipping
  • 120 day guarantee. Try it and if you don’t feel that Onset brings value to your practice, return it for a full refund

To get this sizzling deal, call Onpharma at 877-33ONSET (877-336-6738), select Option #2 and ask for the Nifty Thrifty deal and you’ll get your trial kit shipped to you in no time!  


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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