Dr. Husnain Shahid

(2/2) “One of my friends comes back to see if everybody is okay. He pulls me out of the water and saves my life. It stops hailing, but it’s raining hard. I can’t move my legs. I see my younger brother and friend, all bloodied, but they look okay. I hear my cousin yelling—he’s holding his wife’s foot. The boulder cut it straight off, and it’s hanging by a ligament. He’d taken his shirt off and made a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. I go down the mountain for help, but I have to carry myself down the steps with my arms. I can only get down 10 steps in 1 hour. That was the moment I didn’t care about what house I had, how many practices I would own—none of it mattered. I was wondering, “Can I make it down this mountain? Will I see my family again?” I pray to God to just help me make it. I wasn’t sure if I was being punished for my sins. When the rain stops the other 40 people at the metal shed begin making their way down. They pass us by, thinking we’re beggars. Finally, one group offers help, and I ask them to go help the others. They carry us to the base of the mountain. My sister is there contacting my dad to get us to the hospital. When we get there, only my cousin’s wife goes to the ER. The rest of us are given a bed. My friend is nowhere to be seen. He is finally found, still passed out on the mountain, but ends up being the least hurt. My younger brother has 3 or 4 ribs broken, memory loss, and speech issues. But he got better after a few weeks. They told him he was lucky to even be alive. My cousin has a pelvic injury and was given a cane. His wife had to have her foot amputated, which was tragic—she was a young, active, gorgeous person. And when she got back to the U.S., it was discovered she was pregnant. To save the baby, she couldn’t take strong painkillers. She and my cousin went through a lot. Now she has an artificial leg, and the baby is as healthy as can be. I needed surgery. I was laying in bed for weeks and couldn’t walk. My family was super helpful, but I kept asking myself, “Is this a punishment? Did I do something wrong?” I came to realize God has a plan for everything, there was something to learn from this, and I can only trust in His plan. I learned to be grateful that my hands weren’t ruined, that my brain wasn’t impacted, and that I was still able to practice dentistry and pursue my career. Overall, I now feel closer to God.”