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Episode197: Dental Practice Solution That Solves Problems Before They Happen – Kasper

Dr. Osman is an entrepreneur at heart. He graduated from NYUCD in 2016. Took off from dentistry for one year after graduation and became a cryptocurrency expert, through which he paid off all of his student loans. Built his dream start-up in 2019. Dr. Osman’s goal is to help dentists master the “business of dentistry” and overcome the fear of failure. He wants dentists to start loving dentistry again.

marketing is more than just leads

Episode 196: Marketing Is More Than Just Leads – Firegang

Ryan Menacho is a marketing graduate of the University of Oregon, the Marketing Manager for Firegang Marketing, and a Paid Traffic Strategist. He graduated from UO as the first class to ever have studies focusing on social media and has been working as a marketer in the social world ever since. Currently, he excels at driving paid traffic with a specialty for Facebook Advertising & Funnel Optimization.

MJ Jackson

Episode 195: Mark MJ Jackson – Investor Comps

Mark Jackson fondly known as “MJ” has become the go to real estate valuation coach for investors in the US and aboard. He began as a young man with the desire to transform his life of poverty into entrepreneurial success and now others go to him in order to accomplish the same.


Episode 194: Dr. Brady Smith: Focus on the “Why” to find Fulfillment in Dentistry

Dr. Brady Smith is a practicing Dentist, podcaster, and founder of the HALO Dental Network. In this episode, Dr. Brady Smith discusses how “charitable causes” moved him from a Dentist on the brink of burnout to a Dentist who looks forward to the operatory everyday.

SMS Advertising 101 with Podium

Episode 193: SMS Advertising 101 – Podium Inc.

Shannon Blake is a Sr. Partner Manager who manages the relationship and strategy between healthcare partners and Podium. She finds so much fulfillment in working closely with their partners in helping drive awareness to their members in how Podium’s tools can be a game-changer for their business.


Episode 192: Champion Your Hygienist With The Aerosol Assist-Werner Blumenthal

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill. Once COVID-19 was identified as being transmitted through the air, dental practices were in the spotlight in terms of aerosol generation. With Aerosol Assist, your staff is protected by a specially engineered suction that has been tested to remove significantly more aerosols than just using your standing evacuation suction. Protect you, protect your staff, protect your patients with Aerosol Assist.


Episode 191: Making The Switch To Carestack- Jim Gerson & Monica Capelli

Does your staff complain about having to use several different software to run the practice? Solve that problem by switching to Carestack. It is the ONLY practice management software your practice will ever need!


Episode 190: Bringing In More Practice Revenue With Better Patient Financing- United Medical Credit

United Medical Credit offers patient financing for all credit types! Your patients need dental work and UMC gives them a simple and easy way to get the financing for the treatment they need.

Dentist Advisors

Episode 189: How Much Cash You Should Hold Onto Right Now?- Dentist Advisor

Dentist Advisors work with dentists and have the experience to navigate the unique needs of dentists. Whether you are just starting off or have an established practice/practices, it’s never too late to get started on financial planning.

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