Nifty Thrifty Podcast

The Episodes:

Nifty Deals: Steve Incontrera- Compassionate Finance

Steve Incontrera of Compassionate Finance discusses the importance of making procedures affordable for patients who may not be able to qualify for more traditional financing options.  Making treatment affordable is a compassionate way to reach your production goals.

Nifty Deals: Dr. Tuan Pham- Maverick Summit

Dr. Tuan Pham is an industry leader in online education, but they can kick it old school too! The Maverick Summit will be held in Austin, TX August 2-3rd, 2019. Dr. Pham discusses the importance of events such as this and some of the topics covered.

Nifty Deals: Dr Armen Mirzayan – Digital Dentistry and ROI

Dr. Armen Mirzayan is the founder of Cad-Ray and has trained thousands of Dentists in Digital technology. He discusses the advantage of Cerac, and turning digital tools into a thrifty addition to your practice.

Nifty Deals: Dr. Zak Allmand and Jonathun Catapano – Apex Payment Solutions

Dr. Zak Allmand and Jonathun Catapano of Apex Payment Solutions discuss additional payment options found with the Apex system to help your office making patient payments a breeze.

Nifty Deals: Dr. Thomas Doan – Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Thomas Doan, president of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shares his thoughts on being a member of a professional organization and how to continue growing as a professional.

Nifty Deals: Swell

Swell provides marketing assistance through improving the number and quality of your patient reviews.

Nifty Deals: Vlad Kostovski- Nextiva

Nextiva offers VOIP phone with a host of additional options. With over 100,000 customers, Nextiva stays on the cutting edge of VOIP technology. They are bringing the Nifty Thrifty group a really nifty deal.

Nifty Deals: Medidenta/ Prophy Magic/ Whiter Image

Sean Ryan is part of Medidenta, Prophy Magic, and Whiter Image. Their companies provide high-quality products at rock bottom prices to help your bottom line.

Nifty Deals: Dr Leonard Tau and Birdeye

Dr. Leonard Tau, Dental Director of Birdeye, Host of Raving Patients Podcast, and dental marketing consultant. As a marketing strategist, he helps design marketing plans in a step wise process.

Episode 39 – Kristyn Ivey – For the Love of Tidy

Kristyn Ivey is a professional organizer, podcast host, and owner of For the Love of Tidy, who utilizes the KonMari method to help her clients. She talks with Glenn and Vinh about her previous life as an engineer, how you can use organization in your office, and her favorite organizing tools. What happens when you need a hazmat suit to clean a house? She’ll tell you all you need to know.

Nifty Deals: Samantha Leonard, Stream HQ: Designing Your Dental Dream Team

Stream HQ is a cloud-based HR solutions program. They will help your office via training video storage, HR record keeping, or even finding the perfect hire for your office.

Nifty Deals: Crazy Dental Prices – Save on Supplies with Crazy Dental

Crazy Dental talks with us about how to find the best prices on dental supplies. Their approach is to do the work finding the best price for you, so your office can do what it does best, serve the patients!

Nifty Deals: Dr. Anissa Holmes- Facebook Funnels and the FB marketing Agency

Dr. Anissa Holmes has grown a fantastic group of dental professionals around her Facebook Bootcamp. She has expanded the group to include “The Agency”, which is a group you can hire to do the social media work for you. In today’s episode, she talks about what The Agency does and how it is different from Facebook Bootcamp.

Nifty Deals: Jordon Comstock(BoomCloud) – In Office Membership Plans

Jordon Comstock of BoomCloud talks about the benefits of an in-office dental discount plan. Their service automates the process to give you better options for your patients and a recurring revenue stream for you.

Nifty Deals: United Medical Credit – The Financing Patients Need

United Medical Credit

United Medical Credit’s Brownyn Droog and Marcio Prado discuss their program. Here’s our chat with them both about how United Medical Credit can help your patient pay for those big cases.

Nifty Deals: Legwork – Dental Marketing Software

Korey Korfiatis stops in for a chat all about the Legwork Smile Marketing Platform that’s designed to bring your most important marketing tools and data together in a single platform. He discusses updates to their system, and how to meld data with marketing.

Nifty Deals: Maverick Dental Rotary – Burs and Diamonds at a Nifty Thrifty Price

Maverick dental lab is known for its outstanding quality and service, and they have expanded to provide even more great options with their dental burs. In this episode, Maverick shares new products and burs as well as offer our listeners a Nifty Deal!

Nifty Deals: Weave – Patient Communication Made Easy

Weave is a patient communication platform for dental practices. In this episode, they show us some great features and updates to their service and offers listeners a Nifty Deal.

Nifty Deals: Jay Malik – The Dental Tax Strategist

Your Tax and Finance Questions Answered

Jay Malik, EA talks taxes and deductions for dental practices. He shares a wealth of knowledge and a free Nifty Thrifty Deal.

Nifty Deals: Minal Simpat – Dental Marketing Tips and Tricks

Digital Marketing for Dentists

Minal Simpat shares practical advice on getting the most for your marketing budget. She encourages you to empower your team and use the strengths of those in your office to grow.

Nifty Deals – Frank Curtin (Same Page Mastermind) – The Power of Mastermind Groups

Dr. Glenn Vo interviews attendees of the Same Page Mastermind about how the group can help meet your life goals. Working with a group of like-minded professionals can unlock your potential to create a thriving business.

Nifty Deals: Tom Comerota(Dental Stores) – Opening Your Own Online Dental Store

Tom Comerota discusses the option to have a cloud-based dental store for your practice. We look at the benefits of this model and the ways it can increase visibility and interaction with your patients.

Nifty Deals: Kelly Schwartz – Dentistry’s Best Kept Secret

Super Dental Consultant Kelly Schwartz discusses common issues found in practices and how to improve based on your own vision for your business.

Nifty Deals – Golden Proportions Marketing And Smart Market Dental

Golden Proportions Marketing

Dental Marketer Extraordinaire Xana Winans joins us to discuss the Nifty Deal for Golden Proportions Marketing And Smart Market Dental Platform.

Ep. 38 Dr. Helen and Tim Harless

Dr. Helen and Tim Harless fell in love over a shared love of wine. They made the decision to relocate across the country to build their dream of a top-notch winery in the Northwest. They are the owners of Hat Ranch Winery, which recently won the 2019 Winery of the Year award by Wine Press magazine. Dr. Harless is a practicing Dentist in Boise, Idaho and continues to work with Tim on growing their budding wine business. Glenn and Vinh talk about their adventures and favorite wine pairings in today’s episode.

Ep.37 Dr. Albert Capati- The CBD Oil Dentist

Dr. Albert Capati is a practicing Dentist, lead singer of a band, and an expert in CBD Oil in Dentistry.  Dr. Capati lectures around the country about the use of CBD Oil in Dentistry and how it can be a great alternative to current dental anxiolytics.  He joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from whether or not you get the munchies from using CBD Oil to who is the lamest Comic Book character.

Ep36: Chef Nini Nguyen – The Accidental Top Chef

Nini Nguyen is a contestant on Season 16 of Top Chef and is the Culinary Director of Cook Space in Brooklyn, NY. Hailing from New Orleans, LA, she is the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, and she embraces both culinary influences in her cooking style. In this episode, she gives us customer service and business overhead tips that can translate to our practices. Join us as we discuss topics ranging from her favorite Vietnamese food to dressing up as the ghost from the movie The Ring.

Ep35: Dr. Anna Cowdin – The Nomad Dentist

Have you seen the “Tiny Homes” featured on HGTV?  Well, Dr. Anna Cowdin started up Nomad Dental as a mobile dental practice using the “Tiny Home” style!  In this small but jam packed episode, Dr. Cowdin shares her amazing story of how she first came up with the idea to now serving patients all around Dallas, TX.  She joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from her new Flossy Fix business venture to her absolute disdain for Miniature Golf.

Ep34: Calvin Wong – Crazy Rich Asians

Calvin Wong, is an actor, writer, producer, and an expert in Board Games.  Wait.  You still don’t know who he is? Well, if you watched Crazy Rich Asians then you’ll recognize him as PT Goh! Peik Lin’s (Awkwafina) brother…..Wye Mun’s (Ken Jeong) son.  He had so many funny moments with Constance Wu (Rachel Chu) and literally stole every scene he was in.  Calvin joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from the social significance of Crazy Rich Asians to how many times a day fans ask him to do the heart sign from the movie.

Ep33: Dr. Zak Allmand – Merchant Services Dentist

Dr. Zak Allmand is a practicing Dentist, Entrepreneur, and certified Star Wars nerd.  As the co-founder of Apex Payment Solutions, Dr. Allmand has been helping Dental practices save thousands in merchant services fees and educating Dentists on how merchant services works.  He joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from the most ridiculous merchant services fees he has seen to why he refuses to accept the latest incarnation of Han Solo.

Ep32: Top Chef Tu David Phu – The Food Storyteller

Tu David Phu is an award winning chef and contestant on season 15 of the hit show Top Chef.  Chef Phu’s mission is to inspire others with his story of perseverance and to bring people together through his cooking.  Chef Tu David Phu joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from his love for Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) to how the contestants of season 15 were the most chill ever.

Ep31: Dr. Brady Frank – The DDSO Alliance

Dr. Brady Frank is a practicing Dentist, best selling author, speaker, dental coach and the creator of the DDSO Alliance.  Dr. Frank is well known as a leader and innovator in the Dental Industry.  Having previously founded the Osteoready Implant company, he is now focused on creating a “Dentist Driven” DSO model.  Brady joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from challenging his sons in basketball to the importance of keeping the idea of “Dentist owned” Dental practices alive.

Ep30: Dr. Anissa Holmes – Delivering WoW

Dr. Anissa Holmes is a practicing Dentist, podcaster, speaker, coach and the creator of Delivering WoW.  Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Holmes has called Kingston, Jamaica home for over a decade.  Delivering WoW is a movement aimed at empowering Dentists to provide “WoW” experiences to gain “freedom” in their practices.  Anissa joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from Goat Head soup to the importance of discovering your “why.”

Ep29: Dr. Thu Nguyen – La maman super dentaire (The Super Dental Mom)

Dr. Thu Nguyen is a Dental Super Mom (Quebecois edition)!  She is arguably the most famous Vietnamese Dentist in Canada.   Dr. Nguyen is a successful practice owner, mother of three boys, a polyglot (speaks four languages for those too lazy to look that up), and an expert at Beach Body workout DVDs.  She’s got a unique story and great insight on getting that work/life balance we all need.  Dr. Thu Nguyen joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from her Instagram workout photos to her love for Pho and pasta.

Ep28: Dr. Josh Brower – The Tooth Carpenter

Dr. Josh Brower is a practicing Dentist, an implant educator, and an expert Woodworker.  Speaking of woodworking, Dr. Brower has created wood masterpieces in his own shop that ranged from custom tables to a wooden replica of Noah’s Ark.  But he is not only a Dentist that works great with wood.  He’s one of the most prominent implant educators in the country and has trained many Dentists in both full size and mini dental implants.  Join Glenn and Vinh as they talk to Dr. Brower about Dental implants, his love for all things wood, and his obsession with bow ties.

Ep27: Dr. Leonard Tau – The Birdeye Guy

Dr. Leonard Tau is a practicing Dentist, renown speaker, and heads up the Dental Division of Birdeye.  Did we mention that he’s an expert on Online Reviews and how to manage the digital minefield we call Online Reputation?  Dr. Leonard Tau jumped into the online review world by creating his own platform (iSocial Reviews) and now with Birdeye (the leader in online review acquisition).  Join Glenn and Vinh as they talk to Dr. Tau about topics ranging from being mistaken for a Chinese guy and his for Pat’s Cheesesteaks.

Ep26: Kerry Lepicek and Machell Hudson – The Productive Hygienists

Kerry Lepicek and Machell Hudson are productive hygienists and Hygiene Superstars.  Kerry is a practicing hygienist and a Clinical Coach Director for OraVital.  Machell Hudson works with Dr. Bruce Baird as a hygienist and is a coach with The Productive Dentist Academy.  These two ladies have joined forces to help offices turn their hygiene programs from “loss leaders” to high production powerhouses.  Join Glenn and Vinh as they discuss topics ranging from Biofilm to Louis Vuittons.

Ep25: Dr. Joshua Austin and Dr. Andrea Janik – Dental Lovebirds

Dr. Joshua Austin and Dr. Andrea Janik are a legitimate Dental Power Couple.  Actually, Dr. Janik is the power player and Dr. Austin just rides her coat-tails.  Dr. Janik is in charge of a large group practice in San Antonio that is dedicated to comprehensive care with advanced, proven technology.  Dr. Austin lives in a Dental Fantasyland that involves part-time podcasting, writing jibberish, and talking about himself in front of a bored crowd.  Join Glenn and Vinh as they dive into the one question that is on everyone’s mind.  What does Andrea see in Joshua?

Ep24: Dr. Gina Dorfman – The Queen of Yapi

Dr. Gina Dorfman is a Dentist, a speaker, an entrepreneur, and the Queen of Yapi.  One of the leading patient communication platforms on the market, Yapi was created because Dr. Dorfman saw a problem that needed to be fixed.  That’s what Dr. Gina Dorfman is.  A problem solver extraordinaire!  She can be seen providing solutions to Dentists at the speaking circuit and in social media.  Join Glenn and Vinh as they talk to Dr. Dorfman about topics ranging from Ivan the Terrible to Grey Goose Vodka (not Russian by the way).

Ep23: David Kolbe – The Kolbe Assessment

David Kolbe is a family man, an attorney, and the CEO of Kolbe Corporation which provides the Kolbe Assessment.  The Kolbe Assessment is the only validated assessment that measures a person’s conative strengths.   Not just another personality test, Kolbe helps one to understand the talent they were born with and how to “Be Your Best Self.”  The assessment is a tool that has been used with companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Dental Practices.  David joins Glenn and Vinh to review their Kolbe assessments and to give them reasons why they should retire as Dentists and become full-time podcasters.

Ep22: Dr. Yolanda Mangrum – Dental Boss Lady

Dr. Yolanda Mangrum is the owner of Petaluma Dental, a multi-specialty practice in Sonoma, California.  She is also the author of “Hire to Inspire”, a coach with Fortune Practice Management, and founder of Luminary Education Center.  She is the epitome of a Dental Boss Lady.  Join Glenn and Vinh as they discuss her “why” and whether or not she’ll include wine in her dental convenience store.

Ep21: Dr. Michael Ling – Asian Dentist on Fire

Dr. Michael Ling is an Owner/Dentist of Clarence Street Dental Group and a speaker for Practice on Fire.   He is also, according to Glenn and Vinh, the number one Chinese Dentist of all of Canada.  Dr. Ling is passionate about helping Dentists create a “self managing” team and ultimately create a “self managing” practice.  Dr. Michael Ling joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics such as his dislike for Celine Dion and his love for poutine.

Ep20: Dr. Julie Swift – The Lipstick Periodontist

Dr. Julie Swift is the amazing Lipstick Periodontist.  She is a Periodontist by day, lipstick sales sensation by night, and awesome Mom/Wife everyday.  She is the owner/founder of Topeka Periodontics and Implants and also operates her own team of Lipsense All-Stars that have made over thousands in sales.  Dr. Julie Swift or Dr. Julie Woods as many on Facebook know her joins our show to discuss topics ranging from men selling lipstick and periodontal procedures that GPs should be doing.

Ep19: Jasmin Haley – The MOMgienist

Jasmin Haley is a Dental Renassaince Woman.  She’s a Hygienist, an educator, a Mom, and a Hip Hop historian. She co-hosts the MOMgienist podcast which focuses on the challenges of being a parent while working and dealing with the demands of Dentistry.  An overachiever at heart, she just created another podcast called Beyond the Prophy.   Jasmin joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss the dynamics of the Dentist/Hygienist relationship and her love for Rumchata.

Ep18: Dr. Shakila Angadi – The Inspired Dentist

Dr. Shakila Angadi is a practicing Dentist and the founder of The Inspired Dentist.   Her goal is to help educate the Dental community about Emotional Intelligence(EQ) and improve their lives in the process.  Not only is Dr. Angadi coaching Emotional Intelligence through The Inspired Dentist platform, she is also the Mind-set coach for The Delivering WOW Community.  Dr. Shakila Angadi joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from her love for Target and President Trump’s low EQ.

Ep17: Dr. Christopher Phelps – The Dental Entrepreneur

Dr. Christopher Phelps is an Entrepreneur, General Dentist, Best selling author, Dental Speaker, and mentor.   He is recognized as the only Dentist to be named a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) and he teaches those principles in his “Ethical Principles of Persuasion in Dentistry” seminar.   Dr. Christopher Phelps joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from his newly created coaching program to his love for Napa Valley wines.

Ep16: Renee Charbonneau – The Unfiltered RDH

Renee Charboneau is a Dental Hygienist like no other.  She burst on the scene in the Dental Hacks FB group with her entertaining posts about her insane work life.  The insanity reached a crescendo when her boss fired her from her position, wrote her a hot check, and demanded she return her company scrubs.  Join Glenn and Vinh as Renee talks about this insane story and her never ending battle with bowel movements.

Ep15: Adam B. Levine – Let’s Talk Bitcoin

Adam B. Levine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the long running Let’s Talk Bitcoin! show and the LTB publishing network.  He is also the founder and CEO of Tokenly, a company building open source tools to make Tokens more useful and more usable to everyone.  Adam’s goal is to educate the masses about cryptocurrency and show how it can be a viable and sustainable currency.  If any of that flew over your head, then listen in as Adam joins Glenn and Vinh to talk some Bitcoin.

Ep14: Tracy London Driver – Monday Bites

Tracy London Driver is the creator of Monday Bites, a collection of funny Dental videos that features lip synching and dancing.  Not only is Tracy the resident performer at Dr. Patricia London’s office but she is also the Insurance Coordinator there as well. Tracy London Driver joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from her love of verifying insurance to becoming one of Mauty’s newest fans.

Ep13: Scott Keyes – Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott Keyes is the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, a web service that alerts you when there is a ridiculously great travel deal.  Scott is the flight searcher-in-chief, spending 8-12 hours a day on Google Flights and he oversees daily operations at Scott’s Cheap Flights.  He has traveled to 45 countries (and 45 states!) and has lived in Mexico (Oaxaca), Mozambique (Maputo), Chile (Santiago), and the United States (all over).  Scott joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss his favorite vacation destinations and his love for Mauritian cuisine.