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Mango Voice is a hosted PBX solution that offers a Big Business phone system on a Small Business budget. It offers all the bells and whistles and now integrations.



  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo spoke to Cody Wardle from Mango Voice.
  • For some of you, Cody might be a new face. That makes sense: Cody joined Mango Voice within the last few months, but he’s loving his role there thanks to their team full of good-natured, authentic folks like himself.
  • While Cody might not be familiar to some Nifty Thrifty members, most members are aware of how Mango Voice has consistently been a champion for the Nifty Thrifty community.
  • In fact, some Nifty Thrifty members have grown spoiled with how responsive they are (not a bad thing, though!). Whenever there’s something we need, Mango Voice is always willing to go back to their tech department and see what can be done to meet our needs and/or wants.
  • Maybe you’re not acquainted with Mango Voice. Well, you’re in for a treat! They offer enterprise-grade VoIP phone systems specifically tailored to dental practices—they’re both an asset and relief for any dental team.
  • Whether you’re at the office or on the go, Mango gives you the tools you need to engage with customers like never before with their cloud-based automated phone system.
  • When it comes to Mango Voice’s features, one of Glenn’s personal favorites is the auto attendant. First off, his dental team has so much fun customizing it (without any extra cost!). Secondly, it takes a lot of stress off of the shoulders of his front desk team.
  • If you’re thinking it might be a hassle to integrate Mango Voice into your dental practice, don’t sweat it! Whether you have a PES or PMS software, Mango Voice strives to make the transition easy for practice owners.
  • Although they’re sure to put measures in place to make the transition as seamless and unique as possible, Mango Voice’s tech support is no joke—they’re always there to help their clients! You can get a hold of them through their web chat feature and/or via phone call.
  • Learn about:
    • What are some of Mango Voice’s features? Which ones do dental teams specifically love?
      • Hint: the call recording feature has done wonders for quite a few dentists (and—like many of their features—it doesn’t cost you any extra!).
    • How is Mango Voice different from other phone companies? How does it help you avoid getting nickel-and-dimed by third party providers?
    • Which exciting new features are in their pipeline?
    • What’s Mango+? How much does it cost?
    • What does Glenn love about their app?
    • How can Mango Voice help you to cut your phone bill in half?
    • How can you utilize their time-saving features to make your business run better?
    • What’s the difference between VoIP and a regular phone line? How does VoIP offer a more “robust” experience?
    • If there’s a power outage, what does Cody recommend you do?
    • What’s the one thing Glenn strongly recommends you do during the onboarding process (if you choose to go through with Mango Voice)?
    • Why is the Nifty Thrifty deal a prime opportunity for startups?
    • And more!




  • Free phones with an annual payment (no-contract)
  • 2 Free months of service on the back end. Pay for 12 months and get the 13th and 14th months free.
  • Free Phone upgrade. T-57 (maximum of 2) and T-54 models
    • Starts on the day of Facebook Live and runs through


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