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Aaron Boone of MVP Mailhouse talks about how to focus your marketing going forward after COVID-19 closure.

Aaron Boone is CEO of MVP Mailhouse. How are you doing and how is the business doing? It has been a change helping with homeschooling and getting time with family while still trying to get work done. From a business standpoint, they are feeling the effects because they only cater to dentists, and they are all at a standstill as well. As a leader in direct mail for dentists, what are some action steps we should be focusing on right now? What about the kinds of information that will be important to share with our patients going forward? We can’t have a victim mentality. We are all in this together, and well will get through it together. The psyche of leaders will need to be a victor mentality. Think of what you can do to get ahead each day just a little bit. Be a glass half full person, and take the time to get your mindset right. It’s a great time to learn to be a leader. It’s a great time to coach your team on how to respond to the marketing you produce.

Reach out to your patients to check on them just because as well as check in with their staff. It’s not what you give, it’s that you are thinking of them to bring value to your patients. Make sure someone is answering the phones because people are still calling. Everyone is having a shared experience, so let them know you are thinking of them.

How do we reach people who are scared going forward? Everyone is speculating, so it’s a bit of a best guess. Your message usually needs to resonate with the moms in the family. Think about what you would find important to know about your office.

MVP can mark a heat map of where your patients currently are. They are also reviewing calls for people who have mailed with them before to evaluate the calls to provide even more improvement.

Your message needs to be more personal than ever. Fewer stock photos and more personal and review based provide reassurance and set you apart as authentic. Start working on your marketing now while you have time.

MVP just launched a design lab that compares every mailer for effectiveness from a design aspect. This takes some of the guesswork out of finding what will be effective from an analytical standpoint. We find that the most successful mailings have multiple messages. People may not realize you do multiple procedures if they get a single focus mailing.

For existing customers, you have time to sync up your results with an audit so you know what your most effective campaigns. Information in your system may not accurately track where you get new patients.

What advice do you have to share as we navigate this challenge? Going back to what was said earlier, the mentality of being a victor instead of a victor will help you personally as well as your family and community. Keep working hard because you will come out stronger.

Now is not the time to sell, now is the time to give. MVP is offering a free logo makeover for the first 10 people to respond, whether you are a customer or not. In addition, they are providing a free heat map to let you see where your marketing can be focused.