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Adam Zilko of Firegang Dental Marketing shares with us the typical marketing strategies, their limitations, and why Firegang will help you break through your ROI marketing goals.


Nice-looking graphics will bring in customers, but should have an overall point in your marketing; graphics for the sake of graphics won’t do much for foot traffic


Their company will actually call the lead generations themselves because the front office may be too busy to follow up


If your marketing is failing, you may need to learn better scheduling, ROI or creating revenue from your leads; Firegang helps you and your company identify the weak points in your marketing and helps you effectively strengthen them


Every lead call is tracked and created into data


They found that many offices that closed for COVID are now behind on phone preparation because they have had to spend a significant amount of training time learning new protocols and being out of practice in conversing with patients


Packages are tailored to the needs of your practice



Go to: www.firegang.com/nifty for a free assessment and discount for services



Website: https://www.firegang.com/



Phone Number: (800) 398-0979

Email: [email protected]