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Itena is a Dental supply company based out of France. Their products include a large range of restorative, bonding, and endodontic products. Product lines can be purchased through a variety of distributors.

Itena is a European based Dental Supply company. They are headquartered approximately 30km outside of Paris, France. Their composite material Reflectys is a Light-cured micro-hybrid with low shrinkage, natural tooth-like reflection, and can be easily sculpted and polished. It does not stick to instruments or gloves, making this product easy and efficient to use. There are options as both caps and syringes. It is also PBA free and comes with an autoclavable instrument for use. It was the first product in France for Itena, a company that is 15 years old. To order Itena products, look to your main dental distributors.

Dentotemp temporary Cement is another well-known product that is strong and does not irritate tissues.

Total C-ram is a stronger permanent specifically designed for ceramic restorations while Totalcem is geared more towards metal restoration bonding. Having products customized to the materials creates stronger bonding for better results.

While they do not offer CE in the states currently, they are looking to include it in the future.

Other items include Preventseal, which is a self-etching sealant, Provitemp is the short-term cement while Dentotemp is designed for 6-8 month temporary use.

Here are the details about Total Cem: https://www.itena-clinical.com/en/bonding/39-totalcem.html

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