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Andrew Goodman is the owner of AGNC Media. He talks with us about where and how to spend your marketing funds for social media maximum returns.


Organic traffic is good, but pay to play options drive people to your page


Three things he has found to be successful are electric toothbrushes, whitening, and time-limited options such as event tickets


Paid ads are better in targeting your ads versus boosting a post


You can adjust your ads based on your own influx or patient load


If you’re looking to have another company do advertisements for you, a 1:1 ratio of spending on the services to the amount spent on your ads is a minimum


Don’t pay for likes and follows because it doesn’t actually give the audience reflected in likes


Boosted posts can be beneficial if you do them well to help drive interaction with your office, otherwise it’s really just like playing a slot machine


Offers based on seasonal or time-sensitive offers are “tie-downs” while things like whitening and electric toothbrushes are “evergreens” that can be used anytime


Facebook and Google ads should be your primary target


You aren’t tied to only posting about dentistry, you should be posting about other local businesses or things that you like or recommend, this is to maximize interaction with potential patients


While he does some dental marketing, he also is part of a company called Exotic Car Hacks. It teaches how to find a vehicle that reaches the depreciation balance versus value for resale.


FB Messenger is the easiest way to reach him with future questions, just search for him in the Nifty group.