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Cory is the CEO of CallForce, a dental solutions company dedicated to helping dentists across the country succeed in their practices. His company offers a variety of excellent services from scheduling appointments with your overdue patients to answering the phones when you can not. When he’s not helping dentists out, he enjoys keeping active and loves to play golf and tennis in his spare time.



  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo was glad to sit down for another talk with a very important (and popular) resource in the Nifty Thrifty community: Cory Pinegar, CEO of Callforce.
  • Glenn isn’t just a friend of Cory—he’s also a fan. Not a day goes by in Glenn’s practice without his team talking about how glad they are to have the services of Callforce to make their jobs easier.
  • That said, Glenn and Cory are old buddies. They got together for their first FB Live a little over five years ago—right when Callforce was getting started.
    • On that note, Cory wanted to thank Glenn for helping his business gain momentum, as the Nifty Thrifty community has played a big part in helping Callforce get to the point they’re at now (they’re currently serving over 2,500 dental practices!).
  • If you’re unfamiliar with Callforce, they’re a dental solutions company mostly known for doing overdue patient re-care. In other words, they specialize in helping you keep a good amount of revenue on the table by keeping your calendar full.
  • How does it work? To put it simply, they go through your practice management software (no matter what type you use) to identify overdue patients. They then call those patients between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
  • Millions of dollars can be left on the books thanks to unscheduled treatment. Every time a phone call goes unanswered or a patient doesn’t schedule a follow-up appointment post-treatment, missed opportunities add up.
  • While Callforce initially specialized in overdue patient re-care, they’ve evolved to offer five total services: overdue patient recare, unscheduled treatment calls, rollover calls during the day as well as missed calls after-hours, managing your live webchat, and insurance verifications.
  • If you’re having staffing issues right now, you’re not alone. There’s something called the “Great Resignation” of 2021, which has been plaguing businesses across the board.
  • So, if you’re having turnover issues thanks to the “Great Resignation,” then Callforce can be a lifesaver. There’s no need to overwhelm your front office until they, too, resign—Callforce offers a great way to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes and support your existing staff (so you can focus on rebuilding your team).
  • Learn about:
    • Callforce was hit really hard by the “Great Resignation”—their staff dwindled from around 150 people to around only 15 and their revenue suffered severely. How did Cory get scrappy and keep his company afloat?
    • Which insurance companies can Callforce work with? How do they handle the “beasts” of the insurance world?
    • How is Callforce even able to help you verify emergency patients (so long as there’s a four-hour notice)?
    • Why is Callforce an especially great option for startup dental practices?
    • How Callforce can help answer calls when your office is closed?
    • How can Callforce reduce your workload?
    • What’s the decaying “goldmine”—as Glenn calls it—in every dental practice? And how can Callforce help you mine it before another dental practice does?
    • And more!
  • Cory wants you to know that his priority as an entrepreneur is to be a partner who provides value—he doesn’t want to sell you on something he can’t deliver. That’s why Cory doesn’t believe in contracts; he wants every one of his clients to feel they’re getting an ROI through Callforce so that his business has been earned.
  • Schedule a trial at getcallforce.com and don’t forget to check out their Nifty Thrifty Deal.




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