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Kimberlee has been with Abella since the beginning in 2019, and knows the company inside and out. She understands how the service can be best utilized in the solo office as well as a scale in a multi-practice group. Tune in today to hear about some of their texting features, and how they can help you go after some of that older AR as well.


  • You might know Steve, but Kimberlee Mulkay is new to the group. Although she’s no stranger to Abella AR—she’s been their Customer Success & Sales Manager since 2019.
  • Abella AR enables practice owners to automate their collections and upgrade your billing experience for your team members and patients.
  • Abella is tailored to each practice, enabling you to text and email patients directly (once integrated with your current setup).
  • Abella will walk them through the process and prompt patients along the way to make everything “seamless.”
  • Through Abella, you can count on a 100% chance of getting an ROI—saving more than $300 a month—and saving your team their valuable time and energy.
  • If you’re struggling to get new team members or make the job easier for your current team members, this is the software for you. To add to that, software is always an affordable alternative because it won’t call in sick, leave after a few months, and so on.
  • Abella AR works for any dental practice—small or large. Dr. Glenn Vo and Kimberlee discussed how the service can be best utilized in the solo office in a multi-practice group.
  • Glenn Vo uses Abella in his practice. He’s grateful that he doesn’t have to depend on paper statements or phone calls
  • Abella AR paves way for a 30-40% boost in efficiency; it pays for itself pretty quickly.
  • No nickel-and-diming! You’ll pay a monthly fee—but it’s “friendly” software.
  • Many team members and dentists alike might be hesitant to change—integrating any new software can be a hassle. But Dr. Glenn Vo uses Abella himself, and he knows it’s as easy as a “click of the button.”
  • Abella AR will set off “alarms” if there are patients who miss Here, the software does all the hard work; your team member just has to click on which patient they’d like the software to evaluate.
  • Abella is an easier and faster way to pay. Everyone’s on their phones these days—throw that filing cabinet out the door!
  • The more statements you send out, the more cost-effective Abella is. But it’s a good idea for a start-up—Abella helps you to ensure none of your team members get swamped as you build your practice up and put in elbow grease to get it on the right track.
  • Learn about:
    • What practice management software does Abella integrate with? (Hint: about 95% of them!)
    • What sorts of practices might particularly benefit from Abella’s services?
    • What kind of payment plans does Abella offer? Which ones will work best for various practices (startup, DSO, DPO, etc.)?
    • What approaches does Abella offer to make the process easier for the patient? And what can that do for your business?
    • How much does Abella cost?
    • How much $$ can Abella save you via AR? (Hint: a LOT)
    • And more!



  • Waving the enrollment fee—$1,000 back in your pocket—and a 30-day free trial. Your team will be trained, the software will be integrated, and you’ll start collecting money without obligation—the risk factor is gone; you’ll have nothing else to lose.

Get the Deal:

Visit: https://info.abellaar.com/ntd