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Dr. Bruce Baird and JW Oliver of SupportDDS discuss how a virtual team member can increase productivity and lower your overhead.


Dr. Bruce Baird is one of the founders of the Productive Dentist Academy

Efficiency is even more important as we see payouts go down and potential wages rising

SupportDDS is designed to help elevate your current team to help them do tasks they do best and free up tasks.

While your team may initially be hesitant, they often quickly become advocates because they realize just how helpful it can be.

It is also important to include your virtual team member as a part of the practice to help make the environment include everyone and set a great culture.

Training initially starts with over 700 applicants and narrows down to about 20 people that begin the initial dental training. When you onboard, you interview from this group and can often have someone start in 2-3 days.


$1000 off their service ($500 of months 2 and 3 of service)





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