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Dr. Leonard Tau, Dental Director of Birdeye, Host of Raving Patients Podcast, and dental marketing consultant. As a marketing strategist, he helps design marketing plans in a step wise process.



  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo met with Dr. Leonard Tau. They talked about his upcoming course—“The Art of Dental Financing” and “The Art of the Sale.”
  • Both workshops are very important to do live. There are only 12 spots available—you can keep the videos afterward, but they’re essentially highly interactive mini-masterminds.
  • Len is often referred to as “The Birdeye Guy” because he’s the man behind Birdeye, a very popular reputation management software. But Len’s more than just a practice owner or “The Birdeye Guy”—he’s a long-time friend of Dr. Vo and a fellow dentist.
  • Dr. Vo knows Len’s a modest man, so he was sure to point out his tips and tricks of business success and talk of how his experience has turned him into a force to be reckoned with in the dental community.
  • As a fellow practice owner, Len knows the importance of getting patients to confidently say yes. For the past 12 years, Len has been presenting both treatment and financial options to his patients with terrific success (Glenn also couldn’t help but put him on the spot and point out 30+ years in sales and more).
  • For Len (and many of us, for that matter), it’s about more than just getting reviews: it’s about helping your practice to thrive and helping patients to choose your practice so they can get the dental care they deserve.
  • Learn more about:
    • What’s Len’s story?
    • What does Len do “a little differently” than most dental practitioners to make his case acceptance rates so impressive?
    • What does Len talk about, specifically, in his events? When do they happen? Where do they take place? And how much do they cost?
    • What are the two fears every patient needs to overcome? How can you “disarm” a patient?
    • And more!




  • If a doctor signs up, he can bring 1 additional person FREE of charge.

Just visit  https://workshops.drlentau.com/nifty-thrifty