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Brandon Bomar wants to continue to find a way to meet the needs of the dental industry, and went on a quest to find the best air purification options for our operatories. He is a partner in Rejuvenair, a dealer of American-made Austin Air equipment and has even created a line specific to the needs of dentistry.

Brandon Bomar of Infinite Dental Technologies was looking for additional ways to help the dental community given the current crisis. In looking for the best American made products that were already being used in hospital settings. He found that Austin Air fit every aspect they were looking at and more, so his company Rejuvenair decided to become an Austin Air dealer. The company has been around for over 30 years and has approval and certification from such sources as the US Army, Cincinnati Children’s Hospitals, John’s Hopkins, and the University of Washington.

Not only do they have a great line of current products, but they are also willing to partner with Rejuenair to make a product specifically for a dental environment. This takes into account many of the aerosols and vapors found in dental offices. We did not need UV light inside the unit because the light can only kill what it can see.

On top of the 5 stages of filtration, they have added a mercury vapor layer to an already outstanding product. This unit is only available to the Nifty Thrifty Dentists and The Business of Dentistry Groups.

By using an American made product, we can avoid the backlog and lower regulations that may be found by shipping elsewhere. We have a minimum unit order of 100 for the custom unit, so the faster we work to purchase, the quicker the turnaround.

If you need to have something quicker, the Bedroom Unit is good for hospital use but lacks the additional layer of additional dental focus.

Looking for a home unit? The Healthmate Plus is perfect for home use as well.

Why didn’t we look at Surgical Clean Air? The individual units were over $2000 per op, plus an additional $6000 for a large space unit.

Austin Air has the studies to back up their product at a fair price. In addition, they have an unheard of 5-year warranty. Other brands only offer a 1-year warranty.


How often do you need to change the filter? While their competitors require changing the filter every 6-12 months, Austin Air filters are only changed every 5 years! That’s nifty thrifty!

Homemedics may offer a lower price, but the unit is not designed for use outside of the home and does not address the additional dental protection the custom unit offers.

The shipping time is about 5 days once the minimum order is met.

What about the extraoral suction? It is designed to be used during the procedure and can be loud, but this runs continuously. The overall time to clean an operatory air source is 5 minutes.

The dimensions are 14” X 14” X 24” and 47lbs.

Stage 1: Large particle prefiltration, Stage 2: Medium Particle Prefilter for mold spores and pollen, Stage 3: mercury, odors, chemicals, and gasses, Stage 4: Medical-grade HEPA 95% of .1 microns and 99.7% of .3 microns, Stage 5 is HEGA which covers viruses, bacteria, and additional dangerous chemicals.

These units are designed to be sturdy, simple, and able to run continuously all day. With 360 degrees perforated steel to collect air from all sides, it is much more efficient than those units that only draw from under the unit.

You need to have one for every operatory because they are designed based on room dimensions. You can use these units in waiting rooms as well.

Could this work in an open bay orthodontic practice? He will check on the specification for open-air offices.

What about UV lights and hypochlorous acid? We are working on that currently and will do another FB Live when that deal is ready.

Is it easy to change the filters? It is a very simple unscrew and replace as well as the fact that it only needs to be changed every 5 years.

The custom unit is white, but the other units come in several colors.

The deal: Regular price: $ 1899
Nifty price: $ 1499
Super Nifty Deal:
Buy 2 or more units and your cost $ 999 per unit!
Buying 2 or more will also qualify you for free shipping.

Looking for the Bedroom or Healthmate units? Use our code for 5% off.

Rejuvenair unit code: nifty

Bedroom and Healthmate code: austinair