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Brandon Bomar is with Rejuvenair. Rejuvenair is the provider of air purification and surface sterilization. While he is known for excellent air purifiers for the dental office and has created a UV-C sanitation unit that can be tested and proven to work while being American made.



For the room unit, you roll it into the operatory, turn it on, and let it run for several minutes, it uses fluorescent lights to assist because UV-C can only sanitize what it sees


It is 20x20x49 inches high with wheels as well as a protective barrier around the light


The recommended use is 30 seconds on each side of operatory for 99.5% effectiveness


There is a 2 year all parts warranty


The countertop unit is 36” and will hold any things such as masks or PPE and will sanitize as long as it is not soiled


The sanitizer takes 20 seconds, but will auto shut-off if the door is opened mid-cycle



Cost: Room unit $4999


Nifty Deal: 10% off


Tabletop unit: $2399


Nifty Deal: $10% off


Code NIFTYUV to receive 10% off the room unit, countertop unit or pack of dosimeter cards.


If you would like to order the package deal and receive the room unit, countertop unit and 50 pack of dosimeter cards use code NIFTYUVPACKAGE. The package deal will save you an extra $445!