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Brian Dershow is the owner of Turbi, a DIY handpiece repair company. He shares just how easy it is to repair your highspeed in minutes for a fraction of the cost.

Brain Dershow is the owner of Turbi, a simple handpiece repair system.

He has been in dental for about 11 years exclusively in dental equipment repair and handpiece repair. He learned that a high-speed handpiece repair only takes about 5 minutes.

Instead of waiting until several break and making a quick scramble, he provides a simple way to use your hand skills to save you time and money.

He has a video for every handpiece is on the market. Simply order the turbine, use the specialty wrench and replace your turbine so you are ready to go. Why pay twice the price and take weeks to get it back?

Is the kit limited to certain brands? It is for high-speed handpieces only. They have every make and model. Do a quick search for your model and your order comes with the turbine and wrench.

This does not work on electric handpieces or 1-to-5 systems as they are more technically involved.
This is an easy repair for a team member to do as well.

How does the instruction process work?
Each unit has a high definition video showing how to do the repair step by step. A simple video tutorial is all you need.

At the end of 2009, he started a dental equipment repair franchise. The economics of handpiece repair means the repair costs you half of what it would be.

When you send a handpiece in for repair, you may not get the best quality turbine. That quality makes all the difference in your performance, much like octane differences in your car.
Don’t be tricked by cheap repair because it’s cheap material. There’s also a risk to the patient if the handpiece breaks during treatment.

Are the turbines new or refurbished?
You will get a new turbine with new parts every time.

Can you search on the website by model number? Yes, just type it in the search bar.

If the turbine isn’t holding the bur, it needs replacing.

Are these OEM turbines? They are very expensive and don’t last any longer than the ones Turbi manufacturers in Germany. They come with a 1-year warranty. And will last much longer than that as well.

What is the average cost for a high-speed repair? It typically runs $180-$250. A Turbi turbine kit runs $119. That’s some serious savings!

If a have some crappy eBay handpieces, can you replace them? A word of caution, you are using this as a medical device, so make sure you are using quality vetted products certified by the FDA.

What other tools might I need to finish changing my turbine? An explorer, alcohol, and maybe an alcohol swab to clean out the debris. You should be able to use things already in your office.

How easy is it to remove the O rings? It’s pretty easy overall, but you may need to use an explorer to lift it up. All of the video instructions are specific to the model you are using.

Is it really that easy? He has a video showing his seven-year-old daughter changing a turbine. It’s that easy!

Think about the time/cost value and the control you get by being able to do it in your office.

Go to www.turbi.com and search for your handpiece. Save your purchase in your account for quick repeat orders. There’s also a chat function for more questions.

The kit comes with the turbine, washer, and O rings, and all need to be replaced together.

What is the shipping time for your kits? 3-5 days and they are ready to ship now.

Is there a shortage of certain turbines? Not at this time, they are ready to ship.

The Nifty Deal:
The regular price for a repair kit: $119
The Nifty price: get 10% off two or more turbines
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