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Calvin Wong, is an actor, writer, producer, and an expert in Board Games.  Wait.  You still don’t know who he is? Well, if you watched Crazy Rich Asians then you’ll recognize him as PT Goh! Peik Lin’s (Awkwafina) brother…..Wye Mun’s (Ken Jeong) son.  He had so many funny moments with Constance Wu (Rachel Chu) and literally stole every scene he was in.  Calvin joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from the social significance of Crazy Rich Asians to how many times a day fans ask him to do the heart sign from the movie.


Loves board games

This is his first major film

He actually loves being behind the camera even more than acting

The Role of PT was supposed to have no lines

What was is like to work with the other actors, especially in the lunch scene.

Ken Jeong was over the top and able to come up with so many variations on a scene

How has the movie changed his life?

Was the lunch place a real house?

What was it like meeting Michelle Yeoh?

This movie is meaningful to the Asian community!


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Calvin Wong Twitter – https://twitter.com/ithayla?lang=en

Calvin Wong podcast – https://www.dinganddentcast.com/

Calvin Wong Board Game site – https://www.boardgameprices.com/



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