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Mark is a contagiously energetic product & marketing executive. He brings a unique set of skills borrowed from his time as a Senior Brand & Marketing Director and co-founder of a Vancouver-based digital marketing agency. Mark is passionate about delivering impactful user experiences and finding unique and creative ways to cut through the noise and build successful brands.

Terry has a strong background in SaaS sales and the dental space. He led a high performing-team positioning Straumann’s innovative premium brand to specialty and general dental practices throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Under his leadership, Burns’ team delivered significant client growth. As a newly appointed Vice President of Sales, Terry will be a significant asset to CareCru.



  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo sat down with Terry, VP of sales for CareCru, and Mark, VP of marketing, to talk about the great things their company does to help practices do more with less effort.
  • Glenn is a huge fan of CareCru; he considers it to be dentistry’s best-kept secret. He’s confident that their all-in-one dental growth platform has the potential to completely revolutionize the industry.
  • Terry is one of the founders who started the company five years ago. He knew he wanted to dive deep into healthcare and provide practices with a service to bolster efficiency and productivity and make dental professionals’ lives easier.
  • CareCru is here to take the weight off your team members’ shoulders and allow your practice to focus on higher-level activities that ensure exceptional patient experiences.
  • CareCru is really centered around Donna, their virtual practice assistant.
  • Donna excels in three core areas—revealing the health of your practice, intelligently completing mundane tasks, and boosting team productivity.
  • Donna removes up to 75% of front office workload and motivates front office teams to increase productivity by 77%.
  • Learn about:
    • How did CareCru immediately increase new patient growth for Dr. Ed Lowe’s practice? What has CareCru done for other practices?
    • How can CareCru save you hours of work each day?
    • What results can you expect to see through CareCru? It might blow your mind.
    • How can CareCru increase your patient loyalty and create raving customers?
    • How can CareCru help you acquire new patients faster than your competition?
    • And more!




  • 10% off subscription fee and waving the implementation set up for a total of $1,600

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