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Jonathan Karran, is from Mango Voice, a phone service with great reliability and support to help you and your company thrive. Jim Gersen is from Carestack, a cloud-based, contact-free solution to management on one platform. Mango Voice and Carestack are partnering to make your practice run as smoothly as possible.


This integration allows for easy use of one software


Keeps information organized in a user-friendly manner


They have a mobile app in the future, for quick access to essential information


They are constantly updating to tailor to the needs of their clients


It keeps calls, scheduling, paperless forms, and many more essential tools in one place



Mango Voice: https://mangovoice.com/

Carestack: https://carestack.com/



Mango Voice Phone Number: (888)-541-1397

Carestack: (407)-813-6123