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The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill. Once COVID-19 was identified as being transmitted through the air, dental practices were in the spotlight in terms of aerosol generation. With Aerosol Assist, your staff is protected by a specially engineered suction that has been tested to remove significantly more aerosols than just using your standing evacuation suction. Protect you, protect your staff, protect your patients with Aerosol Assist.


 -Replace your disposable saliva ejector with a hands-free medical-grade autoclavable suction device. Designed by a biomechanical engineer.

-One size fits all and it is comfortable enough for patients with a gag reflex

-Great for hygienists as once it is set up, it will suction without the need for an assistant. Easy set-up and easy sterilization. 

-Protect your staff by using a suction specifically designed and engineered to remove the maximum amount of aerosol every time!


40% off the MSRP of an Aersol Assist kit which brings the price down to $299!