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Christian Allen and Ben Lonsdale are wealth strategists with Money Insights. Their approach to wealth building is a focus on alternative investments that will help to accelerate your financial goals.


The goal is to move from high income to high net worth

With many physicians and dentists as clients, they understand the unique needs they have

Their approach allows people to build wealth in multiple ways to create growth in multiple places

They aim to debunk myths on wealth growth and start a shift in mindset toward alternative growth option

Throwing everything into your practice is good for growth, but the strategy can be difficult and risky

Diversifying their income creates more stability long term

 Real estate, oil and gas, precious metals, or business interests can all be options for different income

Money Insights vets all operator themselves and make sure they meet their standards before referring clients

The company has three core principles:

1 Accelerate- Depending on your situation, this could mean accelerate your wealth growth or your retirement timeline

2 Optimize- This means that they aim to take the most efficient approach they can, while lowering tax implications

3 Innovate- Money Insights promises to update and shift their approach to maximize your income

There are plenty of strategies someone can use while starting out that can create a great foundation to start from day one

Learning about strategies gives you an understanding of what you are doing with your money

The program is not a one size fits all, they fit the options to your goals and needs

Not having a tax strategy can lose you tens of thousands of dollars



They will offer a free consultation and white paper regarding one of their tax strategies.

Bonus: An ebook “Money Insights for Dentists” will be coming out soon.



Website: https://moneyinsights.net/



Phone Number: 801-642-4924