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Cory Pinegar of Callforce is a leader in the Nifty Thrifty community. When they started they were about 65 offices and now they service over 1700 offices. The Nifty group has allowed them to get feedback, get better, and grow the offices they serve. He talks with us about getting your schedule back on track and drops an incredible end of year deal.


With a human touch, Callforce creates solutions  aimed at improving the patient experience 


In one month, they scheduled over 101 recall patients to Dr. Vo’s schedule, their conversion of contacts reached 31% of attempts and closed 44% of the calls with scheduling


 Covid required most to cancel or reschedule for months, which means that reappointment from the spring didn’t happen, now there is a gap from not having reappointments


Callforce calls patients from 5-7:30 in your local time zone because that is when they will be most available; they only receive payment when they schedule a patient


The easiest patients are for hygiene recalls, but they also do unscheduled treatment that is based on remaining benefits on their insurance


Callforce employees aim to be another member of your office that grow in their expertise


200 employees, including bilingual representatives, are calling from their center in Provo, Utah


Representatives for your practice are trained on the specifics of your practice to integrate them seamlessly into your team


They can see your schedule in real-time so that appointments don’t overlap


Each coordinator has direct dental office experience for the confidence to speak knowledgeably about terminology and treatments




$250 service for no charge, no implementation fee ($299 fee waived) $99 monthly fee waived for the next two months, reduced call fee of $25/ call scheduled rather than the $35 typically charged. That means your first 10 bookings with them are free.

To get this deal: 

Go to https://info.getcallforce.com/niftythrifty?fbclid=IwAR0ti6lRwbpjvo-ckSmSD3ehvH-LCjPK5SzffVOXIS2u0fBfRCiuE91fHKM


Website: https://www.getcallforce.com/



Phone Number: 801-901-8852