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Kettenbach is an industry leader in impression and bonding materials. Today we feature several new products in their line.

Daniel Parrilli is the self-proclaimed conductor at Kettenbach. He has been with Kettenbach for 9 years as the general manager but has nearly 50 years of experience in the dental industry. Many of the products you use and recognize for impression material is from Kettenbach including Alginate, Silginate, and Futar. The company is a direct to consumer model, which gives you quick access to reps for questions and suggestions.

Futar bite registration is the best-known product in their line. Customers like that it does not run off the surface and sets up rigid, which prevents distortion in the lab. As a result, you have less adjustment time. Labs love it because it is easy to work with and can be both trimmed and handle rotary use.

Panacil is another great product that has virtually no shrinkage. It actually works better if the teeth are slightly moist. It can be placed with no dripping for excellent detail.

Silginat is an impressions game changer. It does not dry out, has no cleanup or mixing. It will last and stay accurate, so there is no more calling the patient back for a new impression when replacing devices. It offers an opportunity to repour if you are not happy with your impression results.

The core buildup product is dual-cured and comes in a variety of different shades. The ease of handling is what really sells it. The ease of flow without being runny is incredibly important.

Visalys temp is a harder curing temp resin that does not chip or fracture. There are multiple products in the Visalys line.

The newest product is Cemcore. It is an adhesive resin cement that is good for any materials and substrates used in dentistry. It can even be used for root posts and buildup core. It uses a tooth primer, restorative primer, and cement medium. It is also dual-cure.  This product will cut down on products used, setup time, and overall experience for the patient. They also come in a large array of shades.

Many well-known CE industry leaders use Kettenbach products because of their great quality.

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