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Adam Zilko is the CEO & Founder of Firegang Dental Marketing and has 18 years of digital marketing experience with over 10 years in the dental industry. Since starting Firegang, Adam has become an expert in new patient marketing and now he works exclusively with dental practices. He has written 3 Amazon best-selling dental marketing books, scaled Firegang to millions in annual revenue, and has helped thousands of dentists all across North America attract new patients and grow their practice through cutting-edge marketing strategies. In September, he released his newest book, Practice Growth For The Future-Focused Dentist: The Proven Cutting-Edge Strategy to Finally Achieve Your Remarkable and Rewarding Practice.



  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo sat down with Adam Ziko (founder and owner of Firegang marketing). Let’s just say he’s crushing
  • Every practice owner gets told by marketing agencies how to land leads—whether it be digital, via direct mail, or whatever technique they believe to be the key.
    • Hint: the key lies in converting leads—not landing them.
  • Converting leads is something Firegang marketing knows a thing or two about—especially Adam Ziko.
  • With over 18 years of digital marketing experience under his belt, Adam is already a force to be reckoned with. Even better, he’s been in the dental industry for a whopping ten years!
  • Adam can tell you something for certain: every practice is different. He’s got a knowledge of all the tactics you need to successfully market your unique business
  • Learn about:
    • DSOs get a bad wrap, but what are they doing right?
    • What can Adam do to help you and/or your practice’s situation?
    • What are the layers of marketing, according to Adam? And how can you pull levers to take your marketing game to the next level?
    • What are the drivers of success?
    • What sort of products is Adam extra versed in marketing?
    • What can Adam and the Firegang team do to boost your KPIs?
    • Why does Dr. Glenn Vo appreciate Adam’s specific (“legit”) marketing methods?
    • What’s the problem with reverse-engineering a dental marketing strategy?
    • What are the most successful digital marketing strategies Adam has observed?
    • In Adam’s eyes, what makes a good marketing partner?
    • What’s the problem with being too cocky (when it comes to marketing)?
    • How does Adam differ from those unrelatable Fortune 500 companies?
      • Hint: he knows all about start-ups!
    • What’s the importance of emphasizing customer service?
    • So many solutions, important lessons about a good marketing mindset, and more!
  • And don’t forget to buy his new book, Practice Growth For The Future-Focused Dentist; How Firegang Dental Marketing is KILLING IT for our customers (and what those results are); a complimentary strategy session and assessment on their current marketing strategies.
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  • Free copy of Practice Growth For The Future-Focused Dentist dental marketing playbook and an accompanying Complimentary Strategy Call for the first 20 dentists. This will allow dentists to finally eliminate all the guesswork out of growing their practice the right way, doing so quickly, and with tremendous ROI.
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