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Having spent years in service-based industries in a variety of positions from General Manager to Human Resources I met the team at Darkhorse Tech as a resource for the company I was working for. When I made the decision to leave the industry I reached out to Darkhorse because I loved the way they operated and more than anything I wanted to pick their brains during my upcoming career change hunt, after one meeting we all decided to work together. The last two years of my work life have been spent helping to build the sales, marketing, and general growth of the company. With years of experience in other businesses, I can resolutely share that the team at Darkhorse Tech is truly unique, driven, creative, accountable, growth and service-oriented, and a pleasure to work with.



  • Many Nifty Thrifty Members will recognize Darkhorse Tech, but this may be the first you’ve seen of Brian Ash.
  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo and Brian found time to have a chat on Facebook Live. They discussed Darkhorse Tech, Brian’s role as their Chief Marketing Officer, the “winding story” which brought him there, a Nifty Thrifty deal, and more.
  • After years of experience in other businesses, Brian was so impressed with the driven, creative, service-oriented team at Darkhorse Tech that he ended up joining them. Tune in to this week’s episode if you want to hear Brian tell the story—and what beer had to do with it.
  • Darkhorse Tech manages your dental IT services effectively for a flat-rate, affordable monthly fee. With 15+ years of experience, they’ll help integrate your systems and support your business with reliable, responsive dental IT services that allow you to put the focus back on your patients.
  • Darkhorse Tech only works in dental IT, meaning they have a plethora of dental-specific IT expertise. It’s what makes them different from the rest, and the reason Dr. Glenn Vo is a proud client—on the rare occasion that there are IT issues in his practice, Darkhorse is quick to resolve issues right away.
  • You might be in the same boat as many practice owners—sophisticated IT might not be in your budget. That’s why Darkhorse Tech will lower the cost for smaller offices and startups.
  • In fact, Darkhorse Tech specializes in startup practices (design, sourcing 3rd parties, project management, pre-installation software access, installation, support, etc.).
  • Learn about:
    • What’s Brian’s “winding” story? How did he end up at Darkhorse Tech? How did he become their CMO? What did beer have to do with it?
    • What impressed Brian so much about Darkhorse’s culture?
    • Why should you work with Darkhorse Tech when there are cheaper IT services?
    • How is Darkhorse Tech specialized in dental IT?
    • How does Darkhorse Tech help ensure your IT is consistently operating at a high-functioning level?
    • How can Darkhorse protect your dental practice from ransomware? How much money has Brian seen stolen from ransomware?
    • How much time and money can Darkhorse Tech save you?
    • What’s the problem with the DIY approach?
    • How does Darkhorse Tech specialize in startup practices?
    • What words does Brian have to share with the Nifty Thrifty community?
    • And more!




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P. S… What creative Nifty deal did Glenn persuade Brian to squeeze in for the Nifty Thrifty community? Hint: it has something to do with free beer, food, and a tour…


Visit: https://darkhorsetech.com/contact

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