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We are focusing on a few of the fantastic speakers and panelists you can expect to see at the Dentistry Live Summit event in Las Vegas, NV June 26-27, 2020

The Dentistry Live Summit is aimed to bring together social media groups from all aspects of dentistry. We will have speakers on insurance, group practice ownership, marketing and more.

Aaron Boone of MVP Mailhouse uses data to change the way you think about direct mail. By mapping out your current patients, you can target similar demographics. Look for a deal at the Summit.

Kinzie Hess Broxson of PK Performance Solutions will be speaking about insurance and how to improve claims acceptance. She will be addressing specific questions and claims to learn together. Send the EOBs to [email protected].

Carlos Rodriguez, RDH is the King of Dental Comedy. Hygienist by day, comedian by night. Sandy Lee of Lighthearted RDH is excited to bring the joy and connection to other hygienists who can sometimes feel isolated.

Dr. Anissa Holmes of Delivering Wow will be at the Summit sharing framework for delegations in your practice.

Heather Kirby of RDH Rant started the group because she wanted to find a group of real people who can share their struggles. The group has over 10,000 hygienists only. She feels that it’s important to network and break away from the keyboard warrior mentality. They also love to pursue charity work in destistry or helping children.

Nathan Ho is from the Dental Win Win group. He is speaking at the event as well as hosting his own Summit in Dallas this spring.

Dr. Len Tau of Birdeye will speak on reviews and improving your local image. His group and podcast, Raving Patients is designed to help you get great reviews and how to handle a negative review and turn it around. It’s important to educate your entire team if you want to implement what you learn at an event.

Dr. Robert Pick will be showing the Purple Cow Wow way to the Dentistry Live Summit. Distinguishing yourself from your competition is the way to set yourself apart.

Dr. Janice Doan is an entrepreneur panelist who runs her three dental practices. She is bringing her expertise and innovative ideas for growing your business as a team.

Summit deal: Buy 1 get one free ticket

Deal 2: Pay for 3 team members and the doctor goes free