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Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Chris Hoffpauir discuss the Dentistry Live Summit event. Speakers from all facets of dentistry and practice structures will be represented.

Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Chris Hoffpauir are joining their Facebook groups, as well as many others to create the ultimate dental summit. They initially met through social media and realized how valuable it is to have support and answers to questions. While it’s great to build those relationships online, there is still something special about being face to face. They have chosen to create an event to network with other groups and bring a fresh perspective to dentistry. By keeping the attendees to only 500, there is an opportunity to build real relationships and experiences together.

Alyssa Keefer, Dr. Eric Roman, and many more speakers were selected specifically to teach not only the doctors but your team as well. All of the speakers can be found on www.dentistrylivesummit.com

Dr. Jared Van Ittersum will be speaking about practice growth, Dr. Robert Pick will speak on practice culture. Dr. Joe Maio, Dr. Janice Doan, and Dr. Josh Cochran are also sharing their knowledge and experience to benefit their peers. Want to know how to find and train up associates? There’s a course for that! Elijah Desmond and Dr. Anissa Holmes, Dr. Nathan Ho bring everything from tech talks to marketing. Sandy Lee, Heather Kirby, and Carlos Rodriguez show up big for your hygiene team too. Kenzie Broxson will be talking about insurance and Dr. Grace Yum Zimmerman will represent multiple practice owners.

The event will be June 26-27 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Friday night there will be a Whitening Ball, and Saturday will be Carlos Rodriguez. And don’t forget about all of the Facebook groups representing at their booth. But of course, there’s a Nifty Deal! 12 hours of CE for the doctor is $400, team members are $250. Team deal to come!